Plan With Me June 26 to July 2

This week’s plan with me has a fantastic mix of summer and 90’s vibes. I adore this clip art, and super happy with they amount of white space I used in this spread. If you want to see how this spread changes over the week be sure to check out my planning Instagram @unicornwglitter.

Thanks for watching! 

Life Lately: April 2017

Holy Moly! March went by so fast, and it feels like April is just as fast. March I was sick for a soild two weeks so that gave me some time on my hands (and lost of naps). It also happened to be when Mass Effect Andromeda was released so I played the crap out of it. Now that I experienced that trip, I’m making my way through the Kingdom Heart games again since the Final Mix came out. Depending on how I feel when I finish those up I might try Kingdom Hearts 2.8, I’m just not to sure how critical it is to going into Kingdom Hearts III (if and when that finally comes out).

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Life Lately: March

96cb1731882d097cff8ac94ab6604607February just flew by! I can’t believe it’s March already, but I think Oregon hasn’t gotten the memo yet. I woke up this morning to snow. I like snow, but I’m ready for Spring, mostly because I want to wear flip flops again!  This is going to be a bit of a long post, a lot happened in the last month! So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

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Iggle Daily Journal: February 2017

I get a pat on the back for last month. I am terrible at completing “challenges” such as 30 day photo challenges or anything along similar lines. But I always give them a go (its like a bad addiction for me I guess), so last month I decided to try out the Iggle Daily Journal Challenge. Technically it would be my second time completing it, as I did it in January as well, but I didn’t share because I was trying to get use to doing it.

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Introduction to Traveler’s Notebooks

Since getting into the planning community, and more into the bullet journal community I’ve come upon Traveler’s Journals. They are also known as Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. These note books have made their way across the world and call Japan home, as part of Japanese minimalism. At their most basic, generally they are a leather cover with an elastic band to hold its continues. There are many sizes to choose from, most common is the Standard (4.33X8.25in), which I use as well as what is known as a Passport size (3.4X4.9in) which I really love. I’ve also seen covers be made from cloth, and other materials.

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& We Have Kick Off!

Today is the first day of NaNo! Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s here! So an update to my planning for NaNo post, I almost completed everything that I wanted to. The notebook I was going to originally use fell apart so I had to get a new one, and rewrote my summary, which was actually a good thing because I added in more things. My printer broke last week and I had to get a new one so I did not get my mood board completed, but I still want to make one.

I’ve got a good community of people to share the journey with, and an added bonus, one of my very good friends is participating this year as well. Which I am super excited about! You can add me as a writing buddy here.

To get into the mood of NaNo I thought I would share my NaNo Survival Kit:

NaNo 2016 Survival Kit
  • Notebook: It has some lore things for world building, my over view of my story, and my summary. As well as an entire page of quotes I love to keep me motivated if I get stuck.
  • iPad: For writing on the go, I usually don’t like taking my laptop everywhere just because it is rather big, plus cords for charging, it can be a mess. I prefer my iPad for writing a lot of the time.
  • Planner: To stay organized and keep on track with word counts and goals. I made awesome sticker for my planner as well. Check them out here.
  • Coffee!: It’s no surprise that coffee is involved here. I love coffee rather than tea, I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been a huge tea drinker. I mostly only drink tea when I’m sick, and I put a ton of honey in it.
  • Pens: Gotta have something to write with! I’ve been obsessed with the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens. I’ve had some friends say they dry out fast but that hasn’t happened to me yet. I’ve gone through a about 6 black pens between home and work already. My orange, and blue are also almost out ( I wrote all my penpals in Orange this month + planning, and I’ve been doing NaNo planning in blue).
  • Snacks: Gotta have snacks! Lately I’ve been really into the Nature Valley Peanut butter granola bars. Delicious! I also really like snacks from NatureBox, and having hummus and veggies. I just got a huge thing of organic hummus from Costco for NaNo haha. I’m prepared!
  • Sticky Notes/Post Its: I’ve been into marble lately, I just think it’s so pretty, and I actually found some from an Etsy store. More places should make them, because I would not recommend the shop I got these from.  But I have them and am going to be using them for plot planning/layout to make sure I’ve included every scene from my summary.
  • Headphones: I know this didn’t make it in the photo, but when I go somewhere, or even at home, I like to listen to music while I write. “Get into the mood” if you will.


Are you ready for NaNo to start? What’s in your survival kit?


Travel Blog: Adventure in Austin

The second installment of my travel blog is here! If you missed the first one check it out here. This post is about the first full day we spent in Austin. Please remember this was writing as it was happening, I’m not currently traveling. Enjoy!

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2016 New Year Goals


I suck at making new years resolutions and keeping them. I am much better at setting a goal for myself. SO this year I have goals for reading, writing, and creating art.

Currently I’m on this path to rediscover things about myself that I love. Not meaning I don’t love myself, but life gets busy and you get distracted with binge watching on Netflix or no life-ing Fallout 4, and one can loose sight of one’s true self from time to time. So there are a few things that I feel are things at the core of my being, one is being creative, and to me that is in consuming and producing creatively.

2016 is going to be a great year! I plan on reading 40 books (at least) for the good reads challenge, on the weekends I have time dedicated to sketching, and during the weekdays I have a bit of time everyday (Tuesday through Friday) I’ve set aside for writing.

My Creative Writing Notebook for 2016

For writing I found this great twitter account that gives prompts every Thursday for an hour of sprint writing. But looking farther I  found the same account does an email every Tuesday through Friday with a prompt. So of course I signed up! The account is Michelle Greco, and her idea is called #MuseMoments and #MuseMomentSprints, and I am really enjoying it all so far.

I think its really good for me because I get a daily reminder to participate. I’m just like anyone else in having a very busy life, and reminders are fantastic.


So here’s to 2016, new goals & self love!