Destiny Dive: PC Take Over

Destiny 2 hit PC’s last week, October 24, 2017. I was at a work conference all week and was unable to hop in the game until Friday afternoon, so to say I felt behind is an understatement.

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The Division: First Steps

I had no plans what so ever of playing this game but here we are. I bought it on release, just got the basic game, there is no way I’m paying $150 for a game, if I had that kind of money laying around it would be a different story but I don’t. If you have that kind of money then I am envious, straight up. Here are my thoughts on the Division so far.

Light Spoilers Ahead! I’m going to talk about common knowledge things but I think a light spoiler warning is needed. 🙂 

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Firewatch & Thoughts

Firewatch Released yesterday, February 9, 2016, and since I was sick at home with an awful fever I had the chance to actually play it the day it was released. I thought it was only going to be released for PS4 which I don’t have, but it also had a Steam release, YAY! (Go PC Master Race!) I have been so excited to play this game, but I sorta lost track of when it was set to release so this made my week.

The game for PC on Steam is regular priced $19.99 but is/was on sale for $17.99 so wooot, wooot save that couple of bucks! I think the over all price of the game should be kept in mind when evaluating the game because it’s not a $60 game, those are two very different levels of expectations and game levels.

If I were to describe this game to another person who didn’t know what it was I would say that the game is a visual novel, in that the story is superior to the act of playing a game. That the story telling properties are amazing, the graphics a great, and the plot of the game will keep you on your toes. I would tell them not to expect the game to be action packed, or anything like that. But if I knew the person liked games such as any of the Tell Tell games then they would probably like this one as well.

So the following are my thoughts on the game, and take this as a SPOILER WARNING! Because I’m going to t talk about EVERYTHING. ❤

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