Who Said Anything About A Sidekick?

So maybe a droid isn’t a sidekick, or maybe they are? I guess it depends on the role they play. As you can probably tell this weeks theme is droids! I loosely interpreted Droid to include all robots and AI. This post also made me  realize I don’t read much sci-fi cause I couldn’t think of a book other than Hitchhikers Guide that had a robot/AI in it.

I’m personally looking forward to the day we have AI and Droids to help with daily tasks. Until then we have all these cool droids and AI’s to dream about:

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It’s Never to Late for Yoda, Santa!

In honor of St. Patty’s Day, today’s prompt for 5 Fandom Friday is to share 5 green themed photos. I don’t do a whole lot with green, it’s just not a color in my wheel house. So I hopped on my instagram and went back through my photos, and these are the five with the most green in them:

  • Top Left: “Isn’t he cute!! Spotted this little guy while I was helping my mom set up for a holiday show she’s doing over the weekend.” After I found this one, I found his herd, then as they finished setting up for the holiday show these guys were everywhere! But they are still adorable!
  • Top Right: “A night full of amazing food, good people, and tons of laughter. Oh and of course coffee!” Also my boyfriend is very jealous of this coffee mug. When I was visiting Kat & her amazing family, it wasn’t really near Christmas…
  • Under Top Right: “Dinner tonight: honey glazed chicken with snap peas and rice.” Mmm delicious! Can’t wait for snap peas to be in season again! Nothing better than fresh, locally sourced food!
  • Bottom Left: “So much nom nom is happening is the fields right now!” Blueberry season is my favorite out of all the berries we do. I love walking around in the fields grazing, lol.
  • Bottom Right: “Today I got the most beautiful postcard from @thecheerupgirls “she believed she could & so she did” is one of my favorite quotes. This is just what I need after such a long week of work.” Still have the post card, and that is still one of my very favorite quotes. For me it’s just a little reminder of how much of a fighter I am.

I hope you all have a happy & safe St. Patty’s Day! 

Did Someone Say Sequel?

MOVIES! Who doesn’t love movies!? If we weren’t living in the digital age, and I didn’t live in a tiny apartment I would have a very impressive DVD/Blue Ray collection to show you guys. I guess I could do a screen shot of my iTunes library, or is that weird? Either way, movies are a love of mine. I binge watch more movies and tv series than anyone else I know. The only thing with me and movies is that I tend to like things more modern, no idea why but anything from like the 80’s or old just isn’t my cup of coffee.

This week’s prompt for 5 Fandom Friday is Favorite Sequels! Be sure to leave your’s in the comments! We can compare notes! (I have no idea why I’m such a nerd while writing today, haha.)

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Paper Gangster

As an avid lover of subscription boxes and more recently, stationary, I was over the moon with Ooh Dear announced they would be having a stationary subscription box coming out every month called Papergang.

March is when the first box launched, but I only just received mine. Somewhere along the way the mine got sidetracked it seems. But I’m very happy to report that the Papergang has an amazing customer support, and they took very good care of me. Which has resulted in me having two of the first boxes, so I thought I would give one away, but more details about that in a bit.

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Let’s Go On An Adventure of Death + Destruction!

March was a very different kind of month for me when it came to reading, for the last two months I’ve been into reading comic books and really enjoyed it, so I had ordered a ton of comic books to read through out the month of March, thing is they are arriving today. I don’t know what is up with the shipping people or the warehouse but I’m never getting comics from Midtown Comics again. Worst service ever. So I guess in April I will be reading a ton of comics instead.

I defiantly had a theme going on in all the books I read. And that would be of Dystopias, which was also the theme for Iggle Bookworms, I didn’t even realize I read all dystopian novels this month.

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~Sweet Treats~March BoxyCharm

It’s that time of the month again for Boxy Charm. I was really disappointed in this months box. First off they tried something new. In every box you get a card, on one side it tells you the theme for the month on the other it tells you what products were included. Well I guess not enough people are using the Boxy Charm website because in order to learn about the product you now have to go to their website. I guess I don’t care, but I would rather have the information on the card.

Let’s get right into the products!

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Black Desert Pre-Patch Notes 3.29.16

It’s finally time for the Mediah expansion! I’m super excited and I hope you all are as well. Let’s dig into the patch notes. If you want to see the original post click here.  Since there isn’t a whole lot I’m not going to be making any comments like I have in past notes. But once the patch is out and we know more then I’ll be going through those.

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

Pokken Tournament was released on March 18, 2016. I picked it up along with all of my lovely Animal Crossing Serise 3 cards. Since getting this it’s become increasingly addictive while playing. So if your thinking about picking it up because Pokemon are great! But not sure if this game is, hopefully I’ll help clear that up!

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