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Welcome back to another Plan With Me! This week I’m using a printable kit from Bunny In Flight Planner. If you like this video be sure to give it alike, and hit subscribe to know when I upload new videos. To see how this spread changes over the week be sure to follow me on Instagram @unicornwglitter Thanks for watching!

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-My planner is from the Recollections Brand at Michael’s


Introduction to Traveler’s Notebooks

Since getting into the planning community, and more into the bullet journal community I’ve come upon Traveler’s Journals. They are also known as Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. These note books have made their way across the world and call Japan home, as part of Japanese minimalism. At their most basic, generally they are a leather cover with an elastic band to hold its continues. There are many sizes to choose from, most common is the Standard (4.33X8.25in), which I use as well as what is known as a Passport size (3.4X4.9in) which I really love. I’ve also seen covers be made from cloth, and other materials.

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The Girl of Steel

Halloween is a magical time of the year, the decorations, the candy, the parties. What’s not to love? The only thing that I’m actually not a fan of is dressing up- this relates to why I don’t cosplay either. I just don’t find it fun, or enjoyable, instead I tend to feel like I’ve messed the character up somehow and I’m not doing it justice.

The only character I actually want to dress up as is Supergirl. She is my favorite super hero. She made her DC comic book debut in 1959 and her first appearance in the new 52 was in 2011. For those unfamiliar with Supergirl she is the cousin of Superman, with all the same powers, but with the main difference of she was not raised here. She remembers Krypton, and misses her parents, family, friends, and world.

f8ba0ed7fea1734523635171ef731f0cLast year Supergirl appeared on TV in her own show, staring Melissa Benoist who also had a role on Glee (much like Grant Gustin, who plays Berry Allen on The Flash). The Supergirl TV show became the show I couldn’t get enough of and have been waiting patiently for season 2. I love the show for a few reasons:

  1. Female superhero- not over sexualized, a role model illustrating strengths & weakness that normal people deal with everyday, such as having the courage to stand up for what is right. Or pushing personal limits out of your comfort zone.
  2. Female empowerment- First of all Supergirl is a woman. Second: Cat Grant, Supergirl’s boss, a woman. Third: Lucy Lane, a woman high ranking in the military. Four: While not shown, the President is mentioned multiple times as “the president herself”, so female president. Not to mention the super badass ladies that are foes of Supergirl. All of these Women are strong characters who face everyday challenges and come out on the other side.
  3. Themes through out the show, such as hope- in humanity, in the world, in yourself. Such as you don’t have to take on the world by yourself, you can ask for help. Accepting help isn’t a weakness (this is something that I can learn a lot from). Such as being kind, humble, honest, following your heart are all good pursuits. That working hard pays off.
  4. In the TV show Kara is in her mid 20’s and she is super relatable to me, and I see so much of myself in her. Struggling with similar issues, figuring out what to do with her life. How to balance herself out. It’s nice to have a TV show like that.

If you haven’t seen Supergirl, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Just kidding, you can catch the new season of Supergirl on the CW (Monday’s at 7 PM Pacific time), and the first season is now on Netflix in the US.


Travel Blog: Adventure in Austin

The second installment of my travel blog is here! If you missed the first one check it out here. This post is about the first full day we spent in Austin. Please remember this was writing as it was happening, I’m not currently traveling. Enjoy!

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The Wild World of Stationary

I got into stationary when I joined IGGPPC, before, when I was little I always wanted to write letters, but I had no one to write to (depressing I know). So When I started reviewing letters they were on the cutest paper, and had get stickers, and there was this new washi tape thing! So I started looking in my local area for all these things, stationary & washi tape was easy enough to find, but the actual paper I was out of luck. So I took to the internet and started following things like cutestationary on tumblr and started finding site through them to get adorable stationary from. Since then I have sorta a go to list for when I want to replenish my supply. So I thought I would just share some of my favorites for those who are looking for new shops to try, or for new letter writers who are experiencing something similar to what I did.

Paper Source is a premier paperie and gift retailer in the United States. They sell stationary, wedding invitations, custom announcements, calendars and planners, distinctive gifts, gift wrap, fine papers, greeting cards, party supplies, paper craft kits, stamps, and crafting supplies. This is a rather new find for me, I found it off a recommendation from a YouTuber who was reviewing some of their planners in a New Year’s video. It was an instant win for me once I found how much unicorn-type things the had. I will admit they are a bit spendy, but if you are looking for something that is unique, and you can add a personal touch to then I would say start here. This is where I got my valentines from for this year- and I am super stoked about them-I also got some washi tape that was on clearance, which was actually very reasonable.

Amazon is actually a great place to either find inspiration for stationary or to buy stationary from. At first it was really hard to find stationary on amazon, but eventually the search results got better.

Etsy Stores:

Image from My Fairy World’s etsy store.

My Fairy World has an excellent starting kit for writing letters. Each kit comes with 14 pre-printed fairy letters for all occasions 5 rainbow-coloured miniature envelopes 1 miniature message pad 1 message in a bottle with paper 1 felt letter holder assorted stickers confetti clouds 1 bottle of sparkle glitter masking tape confetti hearts 1 twig pencil for authentic fairy writing 5 tiny leaf die cuts. The only down side is the shop is in Australia, so shipping will take a while, but the total cost to where I live would be about $47 (including shipping) which really isn’t that bad! I really love this kit not only for the theme but also for the things you get in the kit. It’s all the essentials you need to start with- washi tape, stationary paper, envelopes, plus some great extras.

Image from boygirlparty’s etsy store

boygirlparty has a great selection of journals, stationary, to do lists, notepads, and cards (along with non related stationary items). I had been seeing their products online for maybe a few months but I could never find a link back to their Etsy store, which, as you can imagine, was very frustrating. Until Owlcrate teamed up with them, I don’t get that crate but I watched a youtube unboxing of it and saw what the store was called so I could finally place an order! I got a super adorable to do list, and some adorable stationary. I’m so happy I could finally order and they have quickly found a place on my stationary go to list. This shop is in California, and shipping for me was very timely (especially since I’m in Oregon, it really didn’t have that far to go!).

Image from Mushypinkstrawberryz’s etsy store.

Mushypinkstrawberryz is an adorable shop that sells Korean stationary. They are based out of Texas so shipping is good. I love browsing this shop just to get inspiration to what is out there. Japan & South Korea have such a great stationary scene its ridiculous. I know if I ever visit those countries I will bring back so much stationary and kawaii items!

Sea Salt & Paper is a great source for planner stuff & washi tape. I got some gold pumpkin washi tape around Halloween time and it was so good. The store is in England so it takes about 2 weeks to get delivered. The shop owner is super nice, and included this like really cute bird stickies for free, which was a lovely surprise.

Image from Hello Quirky’s etsy store.

Hello Quirky is sticker central for any of my geeky needs. I found Hello Quirky through the IGGPPC Summer Camp Kit 2015, they had some stickers included, and I fell in love with the style. Since then I have made multiple purchases of stickers and always had the best experience. Hello Quirky also had/has an Society 6 shop that I got an amazing Unicorn Mug & iPhone case from, I love them so much! Hello Quirky ships from Texas with free shipping (from Etsy store) which is freaking amazing! Who doesn’t love free shipping?! I also love buying from Hello Quirky and supporting a fellow Iggle in their business + creative pursuits. ❤


Inspiration Sites:

Cute Stationary

Snail Mail Ideas

Since needing inspiration for stationary I started a Pinterest board, feel free to follow it!