Life Lately: June, July & August


So Summer, that’s a thing that’s happening right now. I have been so offline compared to past summers and that’s because I have just been way more busy not just with work life but also with personal life. I’ve been traveling a lot more on my days off, spending time with my family and friends, going out, doing things.

Right now my family is in the middle of harvest, we’ve had a bit of a rough start to the season. We had some machines rebel against us, so we had to make some decisions on how we were going to handle them. This made me so stressed out, where we are also had a heat wave which didn’t help anything. We’ve made it through unscaved basically and are back on track with our harvest. Right now I’m working 10-18 hour days so I don’t have much of social life just because I’m so tired after work. I’m glad harvest is only about a month and half long.

I haven’t done a life lately since sometime in the spring, so since then I’ve had my half birthday, in June, that was really fun to celebrate with my family and one of my pen pals/friends/brain twin sent me a fantastic little package. I made myself confetti cupcakes, and my mom gave me a unicorn topper kit for decorating. My boyfriend gave me a Fluffy from Despicable Me Pop Funko which is super adorable. It was a great day!

In July I went to a Geek Girl Brunch in Portland, it’s the closest chapter to me. We went to Sandy Hut, which is this grungy little dive bar that has an amazing breakfast that is inexpensive. The mimosas were $3.00 each way better than like $7 like at some places (or more). I also loved that the chapter leaders made up these amazing coloring books and gave us crayons. It was also so, so great to meet Mercedes finally. We’ve been friends on twitter and talk, but it’s so great to put a face to the name. That day was full of making friends, and hanging out. I can not wait to go to the one in September. I get really nervous before going to them, because I feel like no one is going to like me or talk to me and it’s always the opposite. GGB is such a fantastic community and I’m happy to be part of it.

I haven’t really been playing a ton of video games lately because of work. But I have really been enjoying Albion Online and Splatoon 2. Splatoon just had a splat fest of Mayo vs. Ketchup. I picked team Ketchup, because hello, it’s Ketchup. But I guess Mayo won…? I think its garbage how so many people picked team ketchup that there were tons of Ketchup vs Ketchup matches and those didn’t count towards the totals. Apparently this is an ongoing problem… *sigh* I hope they fix it in the near future. Not sure how many more Splat Fests I’ll be doing if this is their attitude. As for Albion Online, I’m going to do a whole separate post about it. I really enjoy the game, I’m a solo player – no guild- which some say is the “wrong way” to play but I disagree. It’s a great game for me to play this time of year because it’s very much a grindfest which takes little thoughts. Additionally the combat is simple and fun.

I started a brand new bullet journal this month, I found one that was on sale and I think I’m ready to get back into it. I used a bullet journal system, before it was know as bullet journaling. I used my system all through middle & high school, and into college. Then I used it organize my social irl life and my social internet life. Since finding the Erin Condren Life Planner I thought it would be a bit much to keep both up, so I’ve just been using the ECLP. But I really miss my bullet journal, and it works so well for me. I’m almost done with the ECLP so in 2018 I will be using a bullet journal and a recollections planner from Michael’s. Way less expensive than the ECLP, and planning, in my opinion, should be inexpensive (I got my recollections planner for about $15, while an Erin Condren can cost between $55-$60).

I’m also using my bullet journal for the Iggle Daily Journal prompts, it’s fun to put a bit of a spin on my old system, and make it accommodate new things. I also got a new toy, it the HP Sprocket that prints little pictures that are stickers you can stick to things. It’s been a ton of fun to incorporate them into my journal so far. The first spread I did for August is meant to celebrate Harry Potter because that Monday before the first was the 31st and Harry Potter’s birthday. I did red and yellow for Gryffindor and had these two really cool washi tapes that were perfect for the spread.  If you like seeing bullet journal spreads, or planning related stuff I share my spreads on my dedicated instagram.


This week is IGGPPCamp! It’s my third time going to camp, and am so excited. I got sorted into Troop Chimera. I also made a map of the campgrounds for in my bullet journal in the IGGPPCamp section. I think it turned out pretty cool.

iggleflicks watch a long schedual for camp

I’m part of Iggle Flicks and we will be hosting a bunch of watch-a-longs during camp. Mine isn’t until Sunday evening. When I thought I would have time off/be done with work. From what I’ve seen so far, all the activities look super fun this year! I have an activity that will be live on Saturday, so keep an eye out for it! (I’ll put a link HERE when it goes live) Until then enjoy this sneak peak:


I’m sure I have more to share but I can’t think of anything right now, haha. So for now we’re caught up. Hopefully once work calms down a bit I can get back on a regular schedule of posting things. Thanks for hanging in there with me! ❤




Dawn of Kick Ass

Looks like super hero movies are here to stay for a while, and it looks like DC is a bit jealous of all that money Marvel is making. So now we have Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice. I love me a good super hero movie, and I like both realms of Marvel & DC, but when it comes to the movies I have always found myself rooting for the villain in DC movies, that is until now.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the movie, GO WATCH IT! Cause I’m gonna spoil everything.

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November Movies on IGGPPC


Yay November flicks! We have three great movies, two voted on by you guys, and one picked by us!

First up is Clueless, which fits great with our We Love the 90s theme! Watch with us on Sunday, November 15 at 9AM GMT/ 8PM AEDT, and at November 15, 8 pm CST/ 2 am GMT. Link to IGGPPC Forum Post

On November 22nd you can catch Mulan with us, another great movie from the 90′s! Watch with us at 9 am GMT/ 8 pm AEDT or at 8 pm CST/ 2 am GMT (on the 23rd) <– I’ll be hosting this one at 8pm CST, and I would love for anyone and everyone to join me! Link to IGGPPC Forum Post.

The last movie is Le Voyage dans la Lune, or Trip to the Moon (1902), you can catch it on youtube, and is in back and white or color. Check out the IGGPPC Forum Post for details. (There are no watch alongs for this one, sorry guys!)

Be sure to post your thoughts about any and all the movies this months on their respective threads,  and stay in touch with us on our twitter @IggleFlicks


The Iggle Prefects are doing four additional watch alongs! Link to forum post.

Sunday, November 8th 4 PM CST/10 PM GMT: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken with Amanda.

Saturday, November 14th 3 PM CST/9 PM GMT: Beauty & the Beast with Sophie.

Thursday, November 19th 7 PM CST/1 AM GMT: Empire Records with Franny.

Saturday, November 28th 1 PM CST/7 PM GMT: Never Been Kissed with Claire.

Basically grab a movie buddy and popcorn and pick a flick it’s a great month to be an Iggle! 


IGGPPC Halloween Party


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” – Wait that’s not right….. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” Ah much better! 😀

So this is my first IGGPPC Halloween Party and from what I understand it’s their second one(?). There are so many activities going on! I guess the bit I’m most excited about is the 24 hour Iggle Movie Watch Along.



I’ll be hosting from 1 AM GMT (6 PM Pacific) through the 4 AM GMT Hour (8 PM Pacific). I’ll be watching the Charlie Brown Halloween Special, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and Courage the Cowardly Dog’s TV Episode The Demon in The Mattress, it’s bound to be a hauntingly good time!

If you want to participate, everyone is welcome, check out all the happenings on IGGPPCs official post here , and remember to follow @iggleflicks on twitter for the movies, or use #iggleswatch .Now is as good as time as any to become an Iggle if your not already, the community is to die for. (Yes all the puns for the next couple of days!)

It’s a new Dawn, It’s a new Day, It’s a New Life for me….

and I’m feeling good!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesdays are the worst day of the week to me. Mostly cause I want the weekend to come sooner and the stupid landscape people start at 7 am at my apartment, when I’m like “I could have a half hour more of sleep!”. But that must be why coffee is a thing.

Today is especially exciting not just because this is my first post on my new blog but also because I am hosting a tweet along over on Iggle Flicks at 6 pm  PST we will be watching BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 2. Last month we watched the first one and it was really good. I have never seen any of the back to the future movies (I know, I know, what have I been doing with my life?) but so far I am enjoying them.

I was made an Activities Coordinator with Iggle Flicks in the middle of September, and I hosted my first watch along on October 18, for Edward Sissorhands, it was super fun. I am super thankful for the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. Especially when I consider my self a rather new Iggle. I joined IGGPPC in late July, 2015. So I have been around for like 2 and a half months. But this community is full of so many other people who are like me and think like me and like the same things as me. Which is something I have really struggled with in “real life”. I love the internet very much. I love that I can connect and share with people who are so similar to me. And I am so thankful for IGGPPC.

Details of IGGPPC

For those who don’t know what IGGPPC is it stands for International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. However you don’t have to be a “geek” nor girl to be part of the community. If your into fitness great! There’s a place for you, if your into photography, great! There’s a place for you. If your into Dr. Who fantastic there is a place for you! Really no matter what your interest is here you will find fast friends.

For me I love video games, movies, books, and writing. But I have other interest too such as cooking, crafts, blogging, fitness, and board games. There are literally people who enjoy and share those interests with me so no matter what I’m looking for (interest wise) there is at least one other person I can start a conversation with. And it’s a positive environment! No trolls, it’s amazing. Coming from a background of video games, especially MMOs, the internet is typically a pretty shitty place, full of trolls and rude people, and to be honest my spirit can’t take it. I would much rather be polite, nice, and act like an adult rather than a child especially when trying to work with a group through a raid or something. So it’s a breath of fresh air to find IGGPPC.

If this sounds like a place your interested in, click here to sign up and learn more.

Hey This Blog Is New! What Are You Doing?

I’m so excited to be starting a new blog. I have been blogging over on Tumblr; one for life stuff, and one focused on video games, but this will be a place where those two can live in harmony, which is a long time coming!