Hand Me That Glass Slipper

This month’s book pick in the IGGPPC Bookworms GoodReads group was Geekerella, by Ashley Poston. I read this book in basically a day, it was that good! Geekerella is a new spin on a classic story we all know and love, Cinderella. The classic Cinderella story is on of my favorite children’s tales, and was one of my favorite movies growing up. Since then there have been neurmous takes on the story, in print and in film, but Geekerealla is different and has a truly unique take on story and characters.

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Book of the Month: A Court of Thorns and Roses


New year means new books to read! This year I’ve already read three and I’m making my way through the fourth. By the end of January I hope to have five books read. Last year my good reads challenge was to read 40 books, I met that and beat it, ending with 45 books read total. So this year I am hoping to read 50. I feel like it’s a lot, but that is also how I felt when I set the goal of 45 books last year.

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Books I’ve been Reading: June & July

I actually got a lot of reading done in July! I thought I was maybe going to get through one book, when I really got through two! Yay! In July I read The Magicians with my friends Bree & Ann, and This Savage Song. In June I read Starflight (which was also an Iggle Bookworms pick) and Four. These are my thoughts…

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#GGbookclub: The Night Circus

The Girl Gang made a book club recently and they just had their second tweet along about The Night Circus, which has been on my TBR since December 2015. SO I finally read it this month. If you want to join in the conversation be sure to check out #GGbookclub over on twitter. 

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To Be The Very Best! #ReadThemAllThon TBR

Readatmidnight.com is hosting a Pokemon Go themed Read- A- Thon and I just have to get in on this! It sounds so fun! If you want to participate check out the original post here. I hope you guys join in! For me this is an excellent chance to check off some of those books that have been hanging out on my TBR for about two years now.

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#GGbookclub: Fangirl

The Girl Gang bookclub read Fangirl this month by Rainbow Rowell. If you want to join in the conversation be sure to follow them over on twitter.

Q1: Firstly, the obvious, did you enjoy Fangirl? Briefly say why/why not!

I guess. It was relatable for portions, and charming in others, but over all it didn’t mess well with me, and was a bit of an unpleasant read.

Q2: People seem to either love or hate Cath! What did you think? Did you relate to her at all?

This was my first read by her. I wasn’t impressed at all. I thought the concept for her book was really interesting, but it was a bit…whinny? I’m not sure if that’s the right word. I was far more interested in what Wren was up to rather than Cather.

Q3: What did you think of the Simon Snow segments before each chapter? Have you/would you read Carry On (also by Rowell)?

I got really tired of them, really quickly. I understand the concept of why they are there. But it screamed Harry Potter to me, I don’t know if anyone else thought of that but getting hit over the head with it after a while got old.

Q4: What does being a fangirl, fandom and fanfiction mean to you? If anything?

Fangirl=geek. Simple. I don’t totally like that there is a pronoun attached to it, I don’t refer to myself as a Fangirl, simply a nerd or geek. Love different fandoms, but I don’t really get into fanfiction reading. I do however enjoy fanfiction art pieces.

Q5: Gripe time: what issues did you have with Fangirl? What didn’t you like/would you improve?

All of it? haha, just kidding. The biggest thing I would change is the Simon Snow stuff, less Harry Potter, more original thought. I would also give Cather some more friends, no one goes to college lives in dorm and has like three people to talk to. Maybe they don’t have to be friends, but acquaintances at least!  Cather’s story was terribly depressing to me.

Q6: Were you satisfied with the ending? Or did you want more closure? Or just MORE?

I was glad it was finally over! It’s the only book I’ve read by Rainbow Rowell, and I don’t plan on reading any more of her work.

Let’s Go On An Adventure of Death + Destruction!

March was a very different kind of month for me when it came to reading, for the last two months I’ve been into reading comic books and really enjoyed it, so I had ordered a ton of comic books to read through out the month of March, thing is they are arriving today. I don’t know what is up with the shipping people or the warehouse but I’m never getting comics from Midtown Comics again. Worst service ever. So I guess in April I will be reading a ton of comics instead.

I defiantly had a theme going on in all the books I read. And that would be of Dystopias, which was also the theme for Iggle Bookworms, I didn’t even realize I read all dystopian novels this month.

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~A Little Bit of Lovely Reading~

Another month is gone, hard to believe. It seems like February flew right by! I feel like I didn’t read as much this month but life was a lot busier than January. I gave up on any hope of reading Star Wars things, I just can’t (sorry to the lovers of Star Wars books).

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