The Firebolt

Back in the day, like 2005-ish, at some point, when the books were being released still. In the summers I was stuck on a tractor (my parents own a farm) in the hot sun all day long. Well that can drive anyone crazy, so I found a new cool thing called a Podcast (wow that makes me sound old!), specifically MuggleCast, which covered any and all news, & fan theories about Harry Potter. One day they were talking about Harry and the Potters and The Moaning Myrtles, turns out they were bands that made music about Harry Potter. It changed my life- and helped me keep my sanity in the summer!

Here are some of my favorites from back in the day + some of their new stuff that I didn’t know about and is awesome!



Heroes & Villians

IGGPPC’s theme for July is Heroes & Super Villains, and one of the super fun activities is to make a playlist with some fun prompts. I had a lot of fun coming up with songs, and actually dug out some that I haven’t listened to in a long time. I think the last prompt was the hardest “cape.” I imagined a cape that had been to a pretty epic battle of some kind so thats the kind of song I set out to find. I ended up with “Coat of Arms” and it’s just epic to listen to.