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Welcome back to another Plan With Me! This week I’m using a printable kit from Bunny In Flight Planner. If you like this video be sure to give it alike, and hit subscribe to know when I upload new videos. To see how this spread changes over the week be sure to follow me on Instagram @unicornwglitter Thanks for watching!

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-Bunny In Flight Planner:

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-My planner is from the Recollections Brand at Michael’s


DIY: Planner Cover

Who else loves to see all the cute covers people have on their planners? I know I do! I went Etsy window shopping and with shipping those cover can cost a pretty penny! I’m sure they of the most excellent quality, but I’m trying to save money this month. I know I picked an awful time for a no-spend, with the holidays and all. So my solution was to DIY a cover.  Continue reading

Geekery of The Month: Snow Dayz

I can’t believe it’s finally December! My favorite month of the year! 🙂 We don’t get a ton of snow where I live, but it has been getting colder and colder. The weather currently is forecasting for snow next week tho, so fingers crossed!
December is my favorite month for a few reasons, firstly I get at least 2 weeks of vacation, it’s the only vacation I get during the year. I work on a farm and things are just to cold/wet/awful outside to really do anything. The second reason is all the birthdays! My mom & I were both born in December, and I have a ton of friends who also were born in December and I love to celebrate my friends! The third reason is Christmas. Not because of presents, but because of the Spirit of Christmas, how everyone is in better spirits (hopefully), and all the family time.
With winter unofficially starting this week, I thought I would share what I’m loving this season so far. Blanket scarfs are my favorite thing right now, I’m completely obsessed!

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Kawaii Box December 2015

First Kawaii box of the year arrived yesterday!

I’m super excited!

I started ge01180354b638fc86ee0f7a324ab465e750442f389dtting Kawaii box in September (I think) and I was really confused because the month you get the box the items & theme is for the previous month. But now I’m use to their system, sort of. Also shipping for the box is the most random. Some months it will arrive in a timely manner other months I’ve been like “Alright is it coming or not?” not to mention the boxes can arrive in a very beat up manner. This has only happened to me once, and nothing was ruined but still the shipping people should be more careful.

So this month has been my favorite so far! Each box comes with about 10 items, this month’s had 11.


My favorites were the waffle squishy, the ice cream purse, fat animal stickers, moggie doggie (or in my case cat) pen, & polka dot washi tape. I  liked everything, but these things my little five year old heart super happy.



The ice cream coin purse feels like it is made of good materials, not flimsy at all. And it is a good size, I’m planning on putting in my truck as a catch for coins.

I 01987a480bbfc4a35a41f0186ee578286a449d87c5did not like the Kracie ramen diy candy kit. I usually think these things are fun, but this one was so complicated, I think you have to heat things, and its all in japaness, which I can not read. I wish they would have added a slip with the translation so that I could enjoy this.



If your interested in the Kawaii box it’s $18.90 per month (reoccurring monthly) unless you pre-purchase for multiple months then it can cost less. For me, I value the products because they are something I can not find where I live, and I’m sure eventually I’ll unsubscribe but for now I’m totally enjoying it.

My Thoughts on ACAC Collector’s Album

I made a YouTube video! I never make videos but I really wanted to share my thoughts on the Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Collector’s Album. I wanted to because how it’s being advertised is reprieved as one way, when the design of the album is actually different. Hopefully my thoughts help people decided if this is something they are interesting in purchasing or not.