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Welcome back to another Plan With Me! This week I’m using a printable kit from Bunny In Flight Planner. If you like this video be sure to give it alike, and hit subscribe to know when I upload new videos. To see how this spread changes over the week be sure to follow me on Instagram @unicornwglitter Thanks for watching!

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-Bunny In Flight Planner:

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-My planner is from the Recollections Brand at Michael’s


DIY: Planner Cover

Who else loves to see all the cute covers people have on their planners? I know I do! I went Etsy window shopping and with shipping those cover can cost a pretty penny! I’m sure they of the most excellent quality, but I’m trying to save money this month. I know I picked an awful time for a no-spend, with the holidays and all. So my solution was to DIY a cover.  Continue reading

Hip Hip Hooray!


Happy birthday to me!

I get the pleasure of sharing my birthday with a national holiday, lucky me. In all reality it’s not all that bad, I’m the youngest of my cousins (which were all boys), and an only child. I was also apparently adorable, and a tom boy so I was a favorite, and my mom was amazing and threatened family if they only gave me one present at Christmas then their kid would be treated the same. 🙂 My mom is awesome.

My boyfriend is also amazing because he decided that it was appropriate to celebrate my half birthday as well, so I would truly get a day that was all about me (the true sign of a keeper!).

But I like to treat myself too. Self love ya’ll ❤ So this year I got myself a few things.


The prints are by Sara Cuervo via Society6, I love Dragon Age, and these two guys are probably among my top 5 characters of all the games so far (Alister, Cullen, Fenris, Varric, and Iron Bull, in case you were wondering).

The candle is called Hip-Hop-Hooray from bella j. which I bought from the Birchbox store (yay Birchbox points!). Each of these candles has a piece of jewelry in it. Or more like a charm. I haven’t found mine yet, but look forward to discovering it. The description for the sent of the candle says “The candle features notes of grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit, and tart citrus that combines with jasmine petals, green florals, and a hint of musk.” But I mostly smell passion fruit, citrus and musk. Not bad, I actually like it. It’s a light smell not over powering or smelling of perfume.

The last two items are both from Lush, and were part of their Christmas products. The cone is called candy mountain, and the star is called magic wand. Both are bubble bars. I think these are the best deal because you can divide them up and use them multiple times.

Happy Christmas & Merry Birthday!