5 Nerdy Places I Want To Travel To

OMG IT’S BACK! After not doing a 5 Fandom Friday for quite sometime, I thought it would be fun to bring it back to my blog. 5 Fandom Friday was started by The Nerdy Girlie, and provides prompts for every Friday to write about (Click Here for more info & list of prompts). This weeks prompt actually goes along with #igglechat’s topic as well (there’s was Wonderlust), so it all just ties in together.

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Travel Blog: Adventure in Austin

The second installment of my travel blog is here! If you missed the first one check it out here. This post is about the first full day we spent in Austin. Please remember this was writing as it was happening, I’m not currently traveling. Enjoy!

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Travel Blog: Traveling to Austin

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will be published every Friday for a while. I’ve recently gotten back from a vacation that involved traveling to Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona- all states I’ve never been to before. So stay tuned as the adventure unravels!

Note: I wrote the posts as they were happening, so everything is written in present tense rather than past tense. 

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