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Earlier this week was Video Games Day and I was planning on having this post go up then, but life had other plans. My week has been busy and insane and I think I’m looing my mind. However, it’s now the weekend and now it’s time to forget the week’s event and relax with some games! I thought I would share what’ve been playing recently and what’s on my wishlist for the next steam sale.

I hope you let me know your take on any of the games I talk about today or what you currently have on your wishlist in the comments!

What I’ve been playing lately:


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (PC):

I’ve played WoW since Vanilla off and on, in Vanilla I couldn’t afford the subscription to play all the time so I would do a million of the 7-day trials. When I met my fiance, Mists of Pandaria was nearing its end and I got really into it because of him and one of my other friends. I was disappointed with Warlords of Draenor so I didn’t play much, and Legion was a trainwreck. I think the expansion was fine (minus the lack of PVP which is what I love) but I tried raiding with a bunch of people I knew IRL and it was literally the worst thing I’ve ever done. We would all fight and that would carry over into our real life which wasn’t good. So I stopped playing because a video game is not worth that kind of drama.

Battle of Azeroth has been out for like a month now and I am really enjoying it! I have leveled a Paladin and a Monk up to 120 and am playing how I want to play. No guild, doing dailies when I can, going back and doing Legion content. My friends ask me to run mythics and stuff with them but I’m not really into progression right now. That probably seems weird but I just want to enjoy the game for what it is and on my terms. So far it’s working really well, I’ve even met some random people who are doing the same thing as me so it’s neat to make new friends this way, it’s also kinda rare for me so I’m just going with it.


Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4):

I’m not a huge Spider-Man buff or fan, I actually am not a fan of the movies, with the exception of Homecoming. So I was kinda on the fence about picking up this title, however, after watching some Twitch Streams I decided it was totally worth picking up and I was right! The only downside of the game so far is that  while the game is excellent at giving you a tutorial of how to fight its still a little hard to get used to and I often die because I have forgotten a combo, but once I get into a gaming session then I don’t have such a hard time. Getting around the city is so much fun and there is always crime to fight so side quests are fun and don’t feel like a grind and a great way to get that XP. Stan Lee even has a cameo!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (Mobil):

Is it really any surprise that I’m still obsessed with it? I am never doing another fishing tourney though. Those are a grind-fest and are just so tedious with not that great of rewards. Since in August I did IGGPPCamp I had decorated my campsite for camp and it turned out really cute. Now I’m thinking of mixing it up for fall but I’m not sure what my theme/inspiration will be.

Who else is excited for Animal Crossing coming to the Switch in 2019?! I simply can not wait for it. I hope they continue to support Pocket Camp as well or somehow make it so that they work together like they are doing for Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go. I guess we will have to wait and see how it goes.

What’s On My Wishlist:

  • UnEpic
  • Desktop Dungeons
  • Planet Explorers
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Silence
  • Chaos Reborn
  • Braveland
  • Two Point Hospital
  • Ooblets
  • Risen
  • Dead Cells
  • Ghost of a Tale
  • 7 Billion Humans
  • Camp W






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