Shop Update from JenniiBean Studio

I have been so busy this summer that somehow it has just managed to flash right by me! It’s officially September now and that means it’s time to start thinking about Autumn and planner related things to celebrate Autumn. Which is why I am so happy to announce AUTUMN PRINTABLES ARE NOW IN THE SHOP! I have my first four kits in the shop now with a load more on the way.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 2.21.19 AM

The newest additions in the shop even now have a special section “New Releases” (ooooh-awwww!) they will be there until the move to their permanent home in Weekly Kits. I also am adding to my Health & Fitness Printables with a new Apple Watch Ring Tracker Bundle.


Every printable I create makes me overwhelmingly happy, but I think my favorite so far is my Halloween & Thanksgiving countdown. I am so excited to use this in my own planner!

Throughout the month I am also having an End of Summer Sale, each week the percentages will different and some items will rotate in and out of the sale section, so be sure to check it out every week. (For this sale there is no coupon code needed.)

I have also been looking at other shops, printable or not, and trying to learn from some of the things they do on their socials. One of the big things I have noticed is that the bigger the shop is the less authentic they feel. What I mean by this is that the owners of the shop only talk about their shop or their projects not what others are doing that makes them excited or how they are planning their week, etc. It just kinda feels like they aren’t planner girls anymore, which I am sure is not the case. But for my shop, I really want to try and make sure I am equally planner girl and shop owner because I adore the planning community! So this month on my Instagram stories I am doing the #everythingplannerchallenge hosted by blog.else I’ve made it a highlight so anytime you can jump in and catch up with me. I also want to invite all of you to participate as well!

Be sure to check out for more amazing planner goodness!

Last bit of news is to check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, you can start to get sneak peaks of kits and see how they look in real life, I would recommend my September Monthly & Budget Set Up, or this week’s plan with me featuring my Fawn Kit, so cute!


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