Destiny Dive: PC Take Over

Destiny 2 hit PC’s last week, October 24, 2017. I was at a work conference all week and was unable to hop in the game until Friday afternoon, so to say I felt behind is an understatement.

Additionally, I don’t consider myself a “shooter” type of gamer. I did play Destiny 1, had a TERRIBLE experience on XBox and wrote a post on Tumblr about it back in 2014:

I don’t play a ton of x-box, or console games, mostly just play on my computer. Also haven’t played a console MMO before Destiny, so I was pretty open minded not really expecting it to be that different from any other MMO when it came to the community. That is until I got a message from a stranger that read “Hey your hot I want to F%$ you”. 

Really? Just really?

Let’s think about this for a second, all this person would have seen is my avatar. MY AVATAR!!! Which looks nothing like me!! So you don’t think I’m “hot” you think my avatar is “hot” and that is what you would like to “F&^%”. Good luck with that dude. 

It’s 2014 and people think it’s ok to interact this way. It’s not ok with me. So I reported his ass, even thought I know nothing will probably come of it. I am not afraid to have standards for the gaming community and standards on how to treat other human beings.

But that is also a problem, why be able to report people if nothing will happen to them? Not only that but this person would probably never say that to a stranger they met on the street. And who know they could be some snot nosed preteen or some guy on a couch at his buddies. My point is people don’t treat people this way.

My boyfriend couldn’t believe that it did happen. My response? “It comes with being a girl gamer.” How disgusting is that? I shouldn’t feel that way at all. And honestly there is a lot more to what this guy’s message said, but it was very inappropriate and I don’t feel comfortable writing it out.

What I do know is that companies that are in charge of the games we play, and the gaming community need to pick up our standards of how we treat each other, and how we expect to be treated. 

Since this one experience, I’ve been really turned off by the game’s community. I did try to keep playing for a while after, but if I’m honest a controller is not my playstyle for shooters if I’m going to play one. So I didn’t preorder because there wasn’t really an incentive for me.

HELLO KEYBOARD & MOUSE. I found the game so much better because I was able to have more control with keyboard & mouse. I don’t enjoy COD, Halo, Counter-Strike, etc., didn’t grow up with them, so I don’t really have the muscle memory that is formed from playing hundreds of hours. In Destiny 1 I made my boyfriend level with me because I couldn’t get through the story by myself. So we planned on doing the story together again in Destiny 2. Well, he had to work over the weekend, and guess who got to level 20 and power level of 230 in one day? THIS GIRL DID!

I adore Destiny 2 so far. It’s a completely different experience for me. It feels better than the beta that was on PC too which is really nice, I was really on the fence about it from the Beta. Another key feature for me is that YOU CAN HAVE WHISPERS OFF FROM STRANGERS. That eliminates the possibility of the above situation reoccurring. THANK YOU.


Cade is my favorite character, and Nathan Fillion voice acts the character to perfection! I also love that Gideon Emery (who also voiced Fenris in Dragon Age 2) is voicing Devrim Kay, anything he’s involved I need to hear! In general, all the voice acting is great and the storyline is so much better than in Destiny 1. It’s clear to where the story is going and you’re why you are doing something. Motivation is given to the guardian whereas in Destiny 1 I think it was lacking (at least for the base game).

Gearing up is easier to understand, light level is now power level, and there are a ton of youtube vids anyone can watch if they are new to the Destiny world like I am. I really enjoyed Destiny 2: LEVEL UP GUIDE! Max Power Level, Tips to Get Raid Ready! from KackishHD :

Now for the raid which releases tomorrow, November 1! The only thing I wish they had included is matchmaking for the raid, they have it for strikes and PVP so why not the raid?


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