Hand Me That Glass Slipper

This month’s book pick in the IGGPPC Bookworms GoodReads group was Geekerella, by Ashley Poston. I read this book in basically a day, it was that good! Geekerella is a new spin on a classic story we all know and love, Cinderella. The classic Cinderella story is on of my favorite children’s tales, and was one of my favorite movies growing up. Since then there have been neurmous takes on the story, in print and in film, but Geekerealla is different and has a truly unique take on story and characters.

Our princess is Danielle (Elle) Wittimer who has an awful step mom, and twin step sisters. Instead of spending her summer days with her step sisters playing tennis and enjoying the country club she’s working at the Magic Pumpkin, a vegan food truck that her co-worker, Sage, mom owns. When she’s not working she’s running her blog, a tiny corner of the internet where she lets her geek flag fly, celebrating Starfield, the show her parents loved so much. Which also sparks some controversy when she writes a post about the actor who is slated to star in Starfield’s movie reboot. While Darrian, our prince, is offered a role of a life time, to play the Federation Prince Carmindor in the Starfield movie reboot. He has some problems of his own though, like his father who is also his manager and wants to control his career. An even bigger problem might be that the Starfield fandom has already dismissed any merit Darrian might offer the role.

Fate brings them together through a text to the wrong number, and these two unknowingly become fast friends, not knowing they actually despise each other. Through texting they build a relationship that offers a stress relief for both of them when their lives get to being to much. They are able to turn to each other and know the other will be there for them. Their story is magic, like it should be. But more than that I really liked seeing more from the “prince” of the story, reading about Darrian’s life, his struggles, and his pain. In most other stories the prince is perfect and has the perfect life. I really like that it’s not that way in this story.

I also liked being able to know more about the family, specifically the step sisters, and Sage, the co-worker. Knowing more about them through their interactions rather than monologs, or back story is really nice. No spoilers, but how a couple of these characters play out in the end is really cool and a welcome twist.

I think on of my favorite parts is anytime the character talk to each other through text. Any time a book uses maps, different formatting, inserts, anything that makes the book unique makes me enjoy it all that much more.

This book had me laughing out loud, and I felt like I was really there with these characters watching their adventure unfold. Such an experience is always so special for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes wit, sarcasm, fairytales, adventure, misadventure, sci-fi, or who is a nerd at heart. I also think this book is good for all ages, the characters might be teenagers but the story speaks to multiple generations.

If you’ve read Geekerella let me know what you think! And add me as a friend on GoodReads, I always need more friends! And check out my last book review, A Court of Thorns and Roses.


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