Flamingo TN Bundle Review

You guys know how much I love my travler’s notebook, well in February The 1407 Planners had a presale for a collaboration kit with Scooterbug Cornor. The kit’s theme was flamingos and I thought it would be perfect for summer. At that time I was still really new to Travler’s Notebooks and was still wondering about what size would be good for me. I did have my first Foxy in size 1 (also considered a Passport size), this kit came as what is considered to be a Pocket size (Foxy size 2 -I believe), lucky for me I love it just as much as I love the Passport size!

  • Travelers Notebook Cover
    • printed with beautiful flamingos in pinks
    • Inside pockets
    • 4 elastics to hold travelers notebooks
    • This is considered Pocket Sized
Inserts that came with the kit.
  • 2 inserts
    • color printed cover coordinate with outer cover
    • inside pages in book one are the today with the grid
    • inside pages in book two are all grids with the flamingo in the corner
  • A KIT of awesome items from Scooterbug and The1407planners:
    • 6 sheets of 2 sided paper
    • a pad of sticky notes
    • a flamingo charm
    • 2 dashboard cards
    • 2 sheets of stickers (tab stickers and full box/flamingos)
    • 3 pieces of flair
    • a bookmark
    • a paperclip

This kit was so successful that The 1407 Planners did a second round of this kit, so if you’ve missed out, follow them on social media and they might do a third round, you never know!

I really love using this kit and notebook, I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I’m looking forward to using it all summer long. I almost have it set up to how I want it and when I do, I’ll be sure to share my set up!


I also had a custom order of a flamingo done from Love Neen, it turned out so adorable! Natasha, the owner of The 1407 Planners saw the adorableness and ordered a bunch as well. I think she is doing a give away on her instagram, so keep an eye out for it. I also heard that Love Neen is actually going to be listing them in her shop!! I am so excited! These little guys are so perfect for summer, and are the perfect addition to any planner, or even on your key chain!

On my instagram I’ve started sharing how I use my TN inserts more every day, and how my planner is like the overview of the week. If your interested in seeing that be sure to follow and check me out, I also do giveaways once in a while!


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