Spring Sweet Progress Box Swap


It’s time for another Swap Box! I love doing the seasonal Sweet Progress swap that is hosted by Ashley from Happy Pretty Sweet and Dean from Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress. I love doing this swap because I always meet such amazing ladies, with fantastic blogs. Normally I see the post to sign up, but April was a crazy hot mess for me and I wasn’t on social media nearly as often as I normally am. I am so glad Ashley reached out to me for the swap!

This time I got partnered with Zakiyah, from Porductive Mompreneur. She has the most fantabulous site and focus on how to be productive, organized, and parenting adventures.

Obviously we had being organized in common right off the bat, which made shopping for her just so much more fun. Be sure to check out her blog, and post about what she got from me!

Huge THANK YOU & a hug to her for the amazingness she sent me! I adore everything! (I’m actually getting another package from her because not everything made it into the first box- I did this on my last swap lol.)

The file folders are perfect for work, check out my life lately posts to for more on my work life right now, but I was totally in need of some more folders and these will be put to good use! Especially since I bring folders home, or to meetings with me, so they are cute and perfect and I can’t wait to start using them.  The coffee is also going to work with me. It’s perfect for this summer! In the summer, because it’s harvest, I work 60+ hour weeks, sometimes without a day off, so the more coffee the better! The office kit I’m going to be keeping at home to use.

If you want to see more reveals then check out Ashley’s Revel post that also has links to other participants reveal posts. 


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