Life Lately: April 2017

Holy Moly! March went by so fast, and it feels like April is just as fast. March I was sick for a soild two weeks so that gave me some time on my hands (and lost of naps). It also happened to be when Mass Effect Andromeda was released so I played the crap out of it. Now that I experienced that trip, I’m making my way through the Kingdom Heart games again since the Final Mix came out. Depending on how I feel when I finish those up I might try Kingdom Hearts 2.8, I’m just not to sure how critical it is to going into Kingdom Hearts III (if and when that finally comes out).

The last three weeks have been particularly crazy busy at work so I haven’t had a ton of energy when I get home and I have just been wanting to veg out, which means I am going back to one of my favorite games, The Sims 4.  I’ve also found myself binge watching youtube videos for inspiration for things to build in the Sims 4, I’m really not that talented at it, which is why I love the community feature so much. One of my favorite Sim YouTubers is The Sim Supply, highly recommend all his videos.

I’m looking forward to the Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale game that is coming out on April 28th. I really enjoyed the Batman one, so hopefully this will be similar for “combat.” Anything games you all are looking forward to coming out? I’m always looking for new games to play.


April means Camp NaNo is here and I’m participating this year. I really enjoyed it last year. This year I have a goal list of about 5 or 6 items I would really like to accomplish, however I made it up in March when I wasn’t crazy busy so we will just have to see how far I get with everything. I really wish I had more time to write, because when I do sit down to work I can spend hours easily, and for me it is so relaxing.

Once I finish last year’s NaNo project I have come up with what I want to write about next, and one of my goals is to start the out lining process to make sure it like a novel rather than a short story. I’m also not letting myself start on the next project until my current one is finished. So GOALS! 🙂

cover image

Like I mentioned earlier, work has been CRAZY! We got new products in which is really exciting, but it also means there is a ton of work to be done. Something that I get to do is play with the new products and create recipes to go along with them. So my first time playing around I got to create No-Bake Nutrient Dense Energy Bites that are delicious, and the perfect bite to keep you going all day. Be sure to check out the post, at the bottom of it is a coupon if anyone is interested in trying some of the new products we got in!

Composit energy bites

I’m also in the middle of updating my website & portfolio. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done anything with them and I’m looking to pick up some more clients so gotta do some spring cleaning! I’ve also decided to create a Facebook Page and Instagram account that I am going to slowly get going. Once they are up and running I will be sure to share links and do a proper announcement. I’m also refocusing and doing a bit of rebranding for myself in what I want to work on. I’ve been doing a lot of video and graphic design projects, and I want to shift from video to photography.


I’ve also been catching up with my blog posts, so be sure you’ve caught up with me! I’ve added a bunch of 5 Fandom Fridays for March (Who Said Anything About A Sidekick, It’s Never To Late For Yoda, Santa,  Did Someone Say Sequal?, Give Me That Coffee!) and I’m catching up with April. Basically if you want to jump down a rabbit hole you’ve come to the right place!

OH! AND I DID A DISNEY TAG! If you love Disney, you should totally do it too! (Tag me in the post, or a tweet, whatever, and I will comment on it!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.41.47 PM

I’ve been totally obsessed with succulents, I blame spring really. But rather than surrounding myself with pants I’ve opted to decorate my traveler’s notebook with them! I’m also still doing Iggle Daily Journal Challenge, but I’ve fallen off the wagon of posting pics everyday just because I’ve been so busy. I’m hoping to get pics up on twitter soon!

Dashboard from the kit.

I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday if ya’ll celebrate. If not then I still hope you had a good day!

I think we are finally caught up, until next month friends!


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