Who Said Anything About A Sidekick?

So maybe a droid isn’t a sidekick, or maybe they are? I guess it depends on the role they play. As you can probably tell this weeks theme is droids! I loosely interpreted Droid to include all robots and AI. This post also made me  realize I don’t read much sci-fi cause I couldn’t think of a book other than Hitchhikers Guide that had a robot/AI in it.

I’m personally looking forward to the day we have AI and Droids to help with daily tasks. Until then we have all these cool droids and AI’s to dream about:

Marvin- The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


What is space with out a depressed robot? Not only that but one who has a hugely over sized head? This robot captured mine and my friend’s hearts in the book as well as on the screen. I think Marvin is one of the most memorable robot characters because he is so very different from all the others out there.

BB8- Star Wars The Force Awakens


Star Wars isn’t my most favorite series out there. Mostly because I grew up with Star Trek rather than Star Wars. It wasn’t until High School that I saw Star Wars, and that only happened because my Mom was like “what rock have you been living under,” (I have a very cool mom!). But I did love 3CP0 and R2D2, so when The Force Awakens came out and BB8 joined the family it was basically a hands down move that I liked this little cutie. (It also might have had something to do with his lovely orange paint job!)

Rosie- The Jetsons


I remember watching The Jetsons on Cartoon Network at my Grandpa’s growing up. I thought it was one of the oddest cartoons but I also really liked it. That’s literally all I remember about it, and of course Rosie!

Baymax- Big Hero 6


Who doesn’t want a personal healthcare companion? Baymax is perfect. I think my favorite scene from the movie is when Baymax has no battery and is really tired- it reminded me of how a very silly drunk person could act.

JARVIS- Iron Man/The Avengers


JARVIS is voiced by Paul Bettany, who played Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale (Heath Ledge reference in every post! #goals), is one of my very favorite actors. And it’s pretty cool that JARVIS has become Vision, I’m so happy so many actors that I like have found a home in the Marvel Universe.

Honorable Mention: GlaDOS -Portal Games


This one I had to include! For IGGPPC I am in House GlaDOS so I felt it was only right to have GlaDOS be on my list at some point. I played the Portal games with my boyfriend when we first started dating, and it was the first video game we played together- I wasn’t super into video games at the time- and it was fun, but the games also helped us be able to better communicate with each other. Stupid physics, lol.

Honorable Mention: SAM-Mass Effect Andromeda


SAM is your AI companion for the newest Mass Effect game and I really like it. The last one, I believe it’s name was EDI, I didn’t like very much. It just seems like SAM has a personality of his own and is more of a being than AI.

Honorable Mention: Being Human, the whole dang TV show. 


I love this show so, so much. I found this show like, last year sometime? I like to binge watch shows so I’m waiting for the current season to wrap up so I can watch it all in one go.

For even more 5 Fandom Friday goodness be sure to check out The Nerdy Girlie who is the creator of the 5 Fandom Friday awesomeness!



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