Did Someone Say Sequel?

MOVIES! Who doesn’t love movies!? If we weren’t living in the digital age, and I didn’t live in a tiny apartment I would have a very impressive DVD/Blue Ray collection to show you guys. I guess I could do a screen shot of my iTunes library, or is that weird? Either way, movies are a love of mine. I binge watch more movies and tv series than anyone else I know. The only thing with me and movies is that I tend to like things more modern, no idea why but anything from like the 80’s or old just isn’t my cup of coffee.

This week’s prompt for 5 Fandom Friday is Favorite Sequels! Be sure to leave your’s in the comments! We can compare notes! (I have no idea why I’m such a nerd while writing today, haha.)

Side note: Did you know there are 179 movie sequels in the works right now? I’m sure some of those are going to be good or even awesome movies, but I feel like original ideas are needed-lol.

The Dark Knight (2008)


So of course a Heath Ledger movie is going to find it’s way on to my list. I mean, hello- HEATH LEDGER. And hello Joker?! He did an amazing job! Easily my favorite Batman movie. Hey, speaking of Heath, did you know on Spike is doing a documentary on him? It’s coming out in April! Check out the trailer:

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)


I saw Pitch Perfect with my neighbor who thought this was like a PG-13 kind of movie (she was an insanely catholic person-which is fine, she just had a very bad reaction to the movie, which made me giggle cause I knew what it was going to be about and knew what to expect. Oh and to top it off it was her idea to go to the movie-lol.) And I saw Pitch Perfect 2 with my mom, who is always picking the most random movies to go see. She also had a mixed reaction to the movie, while I giggled my head off. I think the first Pitch Perfect movie was the best but the second and third ones aren’t that bad.

Captain America: Winter Solider (2014)


I think Captain America is my favorite of the Avengers. And yes it is the all-American, rooting for the underdog thing. Not even gonna lie. Honestly at this point Marvel could make like 30 Captain America movies and I would like all of them. And in Winter Solider we get Bucky so thats a thing.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)


I adore the Underworld movies. Sadly I haven’t seen the one that came out recently, probably will see it when ever it hits Redbox. I feel like the Underworld movies are really under rated for how awesomely bad ass they are. They also deal with the whole Vampires and Werwolves in a normal way-aka no sparkling vampires to be found.

Mad Max Fury Road (2015)


I loooooved Mad Max Fury Road, from the cool costumes and war rigs to the strong feminist undertones. I’ve never seen the other Mad Max movies, my boyfriend says they are good. I’ve been meaning to see them, but like I said that the start of this post I have a hard time watching movies that are “older” to me. I guess that is with exception of James Bond, I mean hello its Bond.


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