Horizon Zero Dawn Thoughts

Horizon Zero Dawn was released last week on the 28th of February, and I was far to excited. Since it released at midnight eastern standard time it released at nine pacific standard time for me. Which meant my Monday night was spent enjoying the newest episode of Supergirl and then jumping into the game for a few hours before having to go to bed since I worked in the morning.  This game is the reason I wanted to get a PS4, and my boyfriend is freaking amazing for getting me a PS4 Pro. I’m going to try really, really hard not to spoil anything big in this post since the game is still new.

*Light Spoilers Warning*

If you’re like me you then your probably drawn to the game for the action, and fantasy. But C6IEnOEU8AEV9MGwhat is Horizon Zero Dawn? Well say hello to Aloy, the main character who is a strong, independent woman-there is no way around that. At 19 she is able to take down insane machines and warriors alike. She also has a strong sense of doing the right thing, and helping people, despite her up bringing. I adore this girl, especially her sarcasm and sass. I mean she IS 19, and her life has been very different from most so she should be a bit angsty.

The game in simple terms is one of  Aloy discovering herself, and discovering the world around her. The good and the bad, all of it. It’s a bit confusing if she actually makes friends a long the way, but people do like her. Maybe allies is a better term? At times I wish there was more interaction of Aloy and others because I want to be able to better identify their relationship. Or if there is one at all for that matter. One of the best things for interactions is how the people she helps flirt with her, and she ignores them, or deals with it by side stepping them in the converstation. It’s hilarious. Especially since she is just like “I got other things to do-bye.”


There are some really cool things this game does. The first is the Tall Necks, they are these giant creatures that the player can climb up on top of to unlock the map if the player hasn’t already discovered the area. It’s neat that the player doesn’t HAVE to do this to unlock the map, but it’s rather fun in my opinion.


The second thing I really like about the game is the Cauldrons. Basically they are dungeons inside of the game. By completing these Aloy can power up the tech on her spear, and depending on the player’s play style this can be really useful. If the player doesn’t override machines a lot then there isn’t a huge incentive to complete them. The game has four different ones I believe. Each one has different challenges to it, and a different recommended level of entry.


The game also creates this sense of space and scale. I always had a sense of just how big everything was and how small I was. Starting the game and starting to explore everything was wondrous and overwhelming with just how tiny Aloy is in comparison to everything else. But it also made exploring so much more fun. I believe this also gave me a sense of accomplishment when Aloy did complete something or discover something. Which was very rewarding and made me want to discover everything in the game. I also adore how this game was challenging in finding the paths, or how to complete cauldrons. Sometimes things were very straight forward which was great but I really love it when games make me think to figure out how to accomplish something. It just adds to the rewarding feeling the player gets.


The game is BEAUTIFUL. There is even a photo mode that gives the player all the tools to create beautiful images. This is the first PS4 game I’ve really gotten into taking photos of. I did do some for Final Fantasy XV, but not to the same degree as I have been with Horizon Zero Dawn.


I’ve been playing for about a week now, and I’m at 81% so I expect I will finish the game up in the next few days. I could have finished a lot sooner but I’m doing everything the game has to offer. All side quests, all collectables, all hunting grounds, everything. I don’t really see the point in paying $60 and doing the bare minimum, you know what I mean? Plus the game is amazing, I want to make the time I spend there last as long as possible! Since I haven’t finished the main quest line I have no clue how it ends, but I really hope there will be a second game, or a game in the same world. There are so many possibilities in this world, and I am so excited to play what ever comes next!


6 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Thoughts

  1. I’m really enjoying the game so far as well, although I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to it as I would like. I’m probably three hours in or so, but I agree, it looks downright amazing on the PS4 Pro! It’s been a blast to play also, and I’m really into the characters. I can’t wait to dig deeper into it, but there are so many great games out right now (and even more coming), I don’t know when I’ll find the time!



    • You are lucky in some ways that you are only three hours in- that way the experience lasts longer! haha. March is totally an overload of new games. I think the next game for me will be ME: Andromeda, not really a Zelda fan (gasp & shock! lol) other wise I would play that next. What do you plan on playing after HZD?

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      • Definitely Mass Effect, and then I’d like to finish up games like Tales of Berseria and Yakuza 0. There’s still a lot from last year I’d like to finish as well (Final Fantasy XV mainly).


      • Omg yes! I have to finish FFXV as well. Too bad it’s broken for PS4 Pro users- or at least that’s what I keep hearing. 😦 BTW I just finished Horizon, no spoilers, but be sure to watch the credits at the end of the game all the way to the end! 🙂

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