Life Lately: March

96cb1731882d097cff8ac94ab6604607February just flew by! I can’t believe it’s March already, but I think Oregon hasn’t gotten the memo yet. I woke up this morning to snow. I like snow, but I’m ready for Spring, mostly because I want to wear flip flops again!  This is going to be a bit of a long post, a lot happened in the last month! So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

c5o5jypvmaajumsI’ve been writing a TON. Doing the Iggle daily journal challenge has made me not only feel more creative but have more motivation to work on the book I’m writing. It’s also good timing for such things because April is Camp NaNo. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to set as a goal for Camp NaNo-good thing there is still a month to go! I am in the editing process of my first draft so it will probably be something related to that. I have also thought of an idea for a book for NaNoWriMo in November and I hope to start pre-planning it in September/October. Until then I’m writing notes about it to sort through later.

Supergirl LivesI’ve been watching a couple shows pretty regularly, Supergirl of course is one of them, I’m so obsessed. I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t like Mon-El, and I totally get that. I however see how they both can learn from each other, and be better people because of it. I think that by putting the two of them together the writers of the show have a chance to explore more depth of Kara’s character, I sometimes feel she is one dimensional. I also think that the Mon-El from the comic books was a bit lame, so I’m glad the show writers are giving him more depth and exploring his character. I’m not really one for “ship” names but I do think “Karamel” is adorable.

riverdaleThe other show I am obsessed with is Riverdale. It’s loosely based off the Archie comics which I remember reading in line at the grocery store as a kid in the ’90s. This show is addicting as all hell. I initially started watching it because of Cole Sprouse, he and his brother were the stars of The Sweet Life of Zach & Cody on Disney channel. After their show they left acting and went to college. I always admired them for that. So upon hearing Cole was going to be in Riverdale I was really excited to see how he’s grown as an actor. Turns out he play’s one of my favorite characters on the show (Jughead Jones) and I’m not sure if it’s cause I like Cole as a human or if I like Jughead as a character-maybe it’s both!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.42.17 PM
Check out my Obsession of the month: BAKING!

I’ve also been participating in The Great Iggle Bake Off, I’m a bit behind because life got busy, but I’ll be catching up this week. So far I’ve completed bread and cake. I still have cookies and pie to do. I’ve really loved doing it so far, and being able to see what everyone else is making is really exciting as well.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.25.39 PMSince it was February, and Valentines & Galentines was a thing, I participated in a fun swap. I participated in the same one in the Fall. It’s called Sweet Progress and it’s hosted by a couple of fantastic ladies- Ashley & Dean . I had a lot of fun picking out everything for my swap mate. My partner was Penni, she has a great book blog! If you like to read, and need some inspiration for what to read next, I would recommend checking her out! My actual Valentines day was really nice. Since it was on a Tuesday I had to work, but that night we watched a movie and had fondue for Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.32.51 PMdinner. Simple, but Valentines day is about spending time together, not buying things or going out to a crazy expensive dinner. We take turns buying each other gifts for Valentines every other year, so this year was Zach’s turn. He got me these amazing earnings from Tiny Galaxies.
C6DQixEUYAArnTtHorizon Zero Dawn has taken over my life since it was released on the 28th. If you follow me on twitter, then I’m sorry about all the spam of my photo shares- well not really, lol. The game is beautiful! In about a week I’m at 73% done- so I’ll probably finish this week, and I think I’ll be able to 100% the game which is pretty cool. My thoughts on the game so far will be punished tomorrow! (See my thoughts about the game here!)

I’ve also been playing the Gwent Closed Beta. It is a super fun game, thoughts on it will be coming out later this month, so keep en eye out for it.

originalGirl Scout Cookie Season is wrapping up in my area. I feel like I always just manage to get cookies. This year they added a S’mores cookie to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouts, as a former Girl Scout I’m actually really proud of the organization, and what it stands for. But I always get annoyed during cookie season.

When I was a girl scout (and boxes were only $3 per box, now we’re up to $5!) I worked my little butt off selling cookies and nuts. I went door to door, around to the business that my parents did business at, all of the selling in front of stores.  I had to make change, and talk to people. Now it seems like the parents are doing everything for their kid. To me that’s not really the point.

I hated talking to strangers as a kid (I still do a lot of the time), it made me so nervous and I was a rather shy kid. By being forced to sell girl scout cookies I learned valuable skills, and got over my shyness. I used the money I got from the sales to go to camp in the summer. My family couldn’t afford to send me other wise. So in addition to all the skills I learned, I also got to see how hard work pays off.  To experience that reward taught me to work hard for myself, so I can do all the things that I want to. To not expect anyone to help me, and to preserver to my goal.


Last thing is I am terribly behind on my snail mail. So, if your one of my pen pals and your reading this: I’m really sorry! I’m hoping to be caught up on everything by the middle of March.




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