Iggle Daily Journal: February 2017

I get a pat on the back for last month. I am terrible at completing “challenges” such as 30 day photo challenges or anything along similar lines. But I always give them a go (its like a bad addiction for me I guess), so last month I decided to try out the Iggle Daily Journal Challenge. Technically it would be my second time completing it, as I did it in January as well, but I didn’t share because I was trying to get use to doing it.

February’s Cover

At the end of January I realized I really hated my journal I was using, and I have been getting more and more into Traveler’s journals, and a size that caught my eye is the Passport size. Its so tiny and cute! It was perfect! So I actually made my own insert, and used it as a journal. Now I am really inspired to design a new notebook each month and make changes to my designs and everything. Such as something I saw lots of people doing was writing the prompts at the start of the month, well I hadn’t put in any space for that in Februarys’, so in March’s journal I added two pages for writing in the prompts. I also added in holidays happening during the month on the bottom of the date’s respected page.


First 2 pages of March’s Insert

Something else I noticed during the month is that normal printer paper isn’t going to cut it. Normal printer paper is 20 pounds, which led to having a lot of bleed on my pages. I really didn’t like it. So while I was at work one day I went through all our different papers and found this really lovely 28 pound paper. I did some test prints and I think it’s going to do a nice job. I feels like butter and the print job of the cover and backing are a lot better.

I also have been treating my journal as more of an inspiration/positivity notebook. Which has actually really been making a difference in my everyday life. It’s like writing down something your thankful for everyday.

Below are all my spreads for the last month. If you want to participate in Iggle Daily Journal be sure to follow @igglewrites on twitter, and the #iggledailyjournal.

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For March’s cover I wanted to start heading into spring, so I found this really lovely clip art. I adore how this insert came out. Be sure to follow my twitter for daily posts using my insert!

Click here to see my last post about Traveler’s Journals.



2 thoughts on “Iggle Daily Journal: February 2017

    • Aww thanks! I have experienced the same thing. I would always start writing in one and stop cause I didn’t want to run out of pages. Making my own has helped me get over that and it’s more of an art project now, lol.


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