A TN Bundle: The Birds Are Chriping

img_2117Like last month I got a Traveler’s Notebook bundle from The 1407 Planners, I have so many ideas on how to deck out both my TNs using this month’s kit. The theme for this month is “The Birds Are Chirping” which is celebrating spring. They offered a mini kit that I think is still on sale for a St. Patty’s theme. I’m not huge into St. Patty’s so I was far more excited about the “The Birds Are Chirping” kit. I almost got the mini kit this month, then I saw the sticker sheets and extras and I just had to get the full kit. The thing I did change up about this month is that instead of getting the “standard” size, I got the “pocket” size for the inserts. And I am super happy about that decision. So Lets dig into this months kit!

Double Sided Papers from the kit

I absolutely adore the color pallet of this kit. It’s so light and airy, perfect for a spring kit. To be honest when I first saw the art work for this kit I wasn’t in love, and I was really considering not getting this kit. She changed my mind was my brain, haha. I realized that Spring starts in March and I want to divide my daily journal into seasons, the dash boards in this kit can help me do that. I’ve also been getting into using die cuts in my daily journal, and the double sided papers come in one size so I can use them in both of my TNs. After that my brain just got on a roll of how to use all the different parts of this kit. Since it’s spring themed, and spring is three months long I see a long time use for everything, which also helps me justify spending 29.95+shipping for this kit (the mini kit is around $20 + Shipping).

Included in this kit are the staples:

Everything that comes in the kit
  • 8 sheets of double sided printed paper
  • 2 Travler’s notebook inserts
  • 3 dash cards
  • 4 sticker sheets
  • Kit themed charm

And the unique things about this kit are:

I do feel like last month there were more “add-ons” however there are a bunch of stickers this time. It’s also important to remember you are not going to find these items anywhere else, and the add ones are completely uniquely done for this kit, and if you want to have “rare” items (I feel like I’m talking about video game items lol) then you’re going to pay a little bit more for those items.

Included on the kit card- the card that says what’s in the kit- there is also a sneak peak of the next kit. I’m not giving it away, but I will say you should mark your calendars for March 10, you’re not going to want to miss it! Be sure to follow travelwith1407 on Instagram for sneak peaks.

I just got my Foxy Fit TN in the mail, and am super excited to start setting it up. I was prepared to have to do some cutting for thing from the kit so they would fit into the smaller sized TN I got. The kit size I ordered is in what is considered a “Pocket” size, while the TN I purchased is considered a “Passport” size. However they are very close. A Pocket size insert/notebook is 3.5X5.5 while a Passport insert/notebook size is 3.4X4.9, generally. I was really happy to find out that the inserts could fit into the notebook even though they are different sizes. This is why it’s really important to check the size guide of every shop you look at for notebooks and inserts.

Follow my Instagram for how I use all these goodies through out the month & for more Travel’s Notebooks inspiration. Click here to see my previous Traveler’s Notebooks post.



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