Fictional Men I’d Totally Marry

It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday! This weeks prompt was 5 Fictional Husbands I’d totally Marry. I tweaked it just a bit and took out husband to just being men. It’s about to become very clear I have a thing for men that are ruthlessly brave,  have unwavering loyalty,  the courage to stand for truth and justice, that have a strong sense of family, and are a bit of a romantic. I actually learned a lot about myself doing this post. Like I knew these men were my favorites, but they all have very similar traits, which I did not realize.

Alistair: Dragon Age Origins

Oh Alistair. He’s my favorite, like ever. I adore him. He’s got a bit of a complicated past, I’ll try to sum it up best I can, though if you haven’t played the Dragon Age series, go get you some!

Alistair is a Gray Warden and a companion to the Warden in Dragon Age Origins. He was raised by Arl Eamon of Redcliffe, and brought up to believe that his mother was a serving maid who died in childbirth, however the reality is that he is the bastard child of King Maric and the eleven mage Fiona.

Alistair is eventually sent to the Chantry, where he receives his training for being a Templar. However he never takes his vows, or Lyrium. Duncan, Commander of the Gray in Ferelden swoops in and offers him a life as a Warden.

Eventually Alistair meets The Warden, and if The Warden is female Alistair can be a romantic interest. If played a specific way, a female Warden can compel Alistair to become King of Ferelden and marry The 6d98ae2ed3ffe1f2cd01044bdb984346Warden making her Queen. This is the path I choose for my Warden, so I guess in a way I actually have married him…

I love Alistar because he is a dork, he is so funny, and it just jives with my personality. I also enjoy his character development, that when you fist meet him he doesn’t want responsibility or anything, he would rather follow. By the end of the game, he has come into who he truly is and is ready to lead, with The Warden at his side.

Cullen: Dragon Age Inquisition

2dbb7dc122517ffdd2378590a2559f1fCullen is actually first seen in Dragon Age: Origins at the Circle Tower during the Broken Circle quest line. (Can you tell I’m a geek for Dragon Age?). Then we see him again in Dragon Age II, and he’s gotten a promotion since we last saw him, a Knight-Captain which means he’s second in command to Knight-Commander Meredith. Until Inquisition there isn’t a lot of interaction between The Warden, or Hawk with Cullen.

Inquisition is magical and when we can really get to know Cullen. He has been recruited to be Commander of the Inquisition troops by Cassandra. As the game goes on Cullen has several romantic interactions and quests. It’s interesting seeing Cullen’s different reactions if the Inquisitor is a Mage you can discuses magic, and as a Warrior you can try and get his blessing to become a Templar. b7cd68e291ff4f13fd8036e37d2e24cb

You also get to assist Cullen with the decisive decision of giving up Lyrium or not. And learning about it’s effects more so. In past games sure it’s been covered, but now it’s effecting a character your emotionally invested in.

Depending on your choice of ending with the Inquisition a few things are possible. I chose to have the Inquisition continue and Cullen is not taking Lyrium. Cullen and The Inquisitor continue to guide the Inquisition, they continued doing good work on their own terms with visits to Cullen’s family. The only bit I don’t like that much is that it’s not until the end that a Mabari is in the game. A Marbari has been been part of the team for the last two games. I mean I’m glad Cullen gets one, but I would have like to have had one sooner.

William Thatcher: A Knight’s Tale


After his master dies suddenly, the squire hits the road with his cohorts Roland and Wat. On the journey, they stumble across an unknown writer, Chaucer. William, lacking a proper pedigree, convinces Chaucer to forge a genealogy documents that will pass him off as a knight. With his newly-minted history in hand, the young man sets out to prove himself a worthy knight at the country’s jousting competition, and finds romance along the way.

Heath Ledger, need I say more? I can still remember the first time I saw this movie. It was fifth grade, I was over at my friends for a sleep over, and she had just gotten this movie. They didn’t have a DVD player connected to their TV, but they did have a portable DVD player. So her, her sister, and I snacked on kettle corn and were engrossed in this movie. Hanging on every word. When it was over, we watched it again. It was fantastic. It started my crush on Heath Ledger, as well as my love from movies.

Dean Winchester: Supernatural


Dean Winchester, from the moment of his debut, was shown to be an understanding, funny, mischievous, and, in contrast to his younger brother, a little immature. Dean’s shown countless times to be good with kids and the ladies. At an early age, Dean was trained by his father, John Winchester, to hunt and kill creatures of the supernatural. However, unlike his brother Sam, he did not resent his father for having him “raised like a warrior”. He seemed to prefer hunting the supernatural over any normal “apple pie” life, though it was revealed that when he was sixteen, he did in fact desire (or at least hope for) a normal life: He just couldn’t leave Sam.

The oldest brother of the Winchesters, hunt, fight, and kill all things that nightmares are made of. Dean protects his brother, does the right thing, and on occasion scarifies himself in order to save humanity. Which ultimately he sacrifices himself, his life, for his cause.

Mon-El: Supergirl


New to the Supergirl family this season, and he’s been off to a bit of rough start. But his heart is in the right place.

Mon-El is light-hearted, cheerful, carefree, laid-back and fun-loving. He hates being locked indoors and loves to party. Presumably like all Daxamites, Mon-El dislikes Kryptonians; due to their arrogant and self-righteous traits, although he later warms up to Kara.Mon-El also possesses good morals, as he shows guilt and remorse for his actions.

As a side note, it will be interesting to see if Mon-El’s character and story are reinvented for TV or if they follow along with the comic books.

Now for some honorable mentions:

  • Fenris: Dragon Age II
  • Zevran: Dragon Age: Orgins
  • Solas: Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Sam Winchester
  • Castiel
  • Nate Archabal
  • Dan Humphery
  • Berry Allen: The Flash



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