Introduction to Traveler’s Notebooks

Since getting into the planning community, and more into the bullet journal community I’ve come upon Traveler’s Journals. They are also known as Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. These note books have made their way across the world and call Japan home, as part of Japanese minimalism. At their most basic, generally they are a leather cover with an elastic band to hold its continues. There are many sizes to choose from, most common is the Standard (4.33X8.25in), which I use as well as what is known as a Passport size (3.4X4.9in) which I really love. I’ve also seen covers be made from cloth, and other materials.

There are a few place to which you can get these kinds of notebooks. I have a Color Splash Webster’s Pages which can be found at places like JoAnn’s and Amazon. From what I found this is the cheapest option to start out with and to figure out what you like. More pricey options are a couple of shops do handmade notebooks. They are all super beautiful and are in high demand. The first is The Chic Sparrow. I love browsing their site, their products are so beautiful. The downside for me is that they currently making any passport sized notebooks. It was such a bummer. But it lead me to my second shop I love to browse which is The Foxy Fit. They do offer the passport size that I was looking for, and I’m currently waiting for my order to arrive. I settled on a Wanderlust Licorice Wide Set notebook in what they call a No. 1 for size. When looking at different places to shop it’s important to check their size guide, since each shop seems to call the same size something different.

One of the great things about the Traveler’s Notebooks are that they are so versatile. There is no right or wrong way to use them. You don’t have to use them for planning, it could be for drawing, or writing, or dream log, or whatever it is that you wish to do with it.


With the passport size notebook I’m getting, I plan on using it as a place to keep my daily journal that I’ve been participating in with some other Iggles. I want it to be able to hold 12 notebooks, so it’s going to be a bit chunky- I think it’s only mean to hold 9 or something like that.

img_1724I’ve been having a lot of fun making my own inserts in the passport size. But if you’re not into making your own inserts there are free printable all over the internet. I have a board on Pinterest that has a ton of links and inspiration on it.

For February’s insert I bought some clip art that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. It’s just so dreamy, and a girl as a unicorn, hello that is me in a nut shell. Couldn’t be more happy with how this turned out. (More about how I make my inserts coming soon!)

img_1682There is also a fantastic site, The 1407 Planners which sells a bunch of inserts, and has started doing a monthly box and some mini kits. The best way to find out about their boxes to to follow them on Instagram as well as their companion account travelwiththe1407planner which does sneak peaks of the kits.

My first kit with with is the “Loving You, Loving Coffee” Kit. I mean, how could I resist with the amount of coffee I drink?

I got the full kit which is $29.95 + Shipping (they also offer a mini kit for about $20+ shipping). They are a first come first served, and not a monthly subscription box. So if you like one month but not another you didn’t just waist your money. A bit pricy at first glance, but lets dig into what you get.



Each kit is a bit unique, but comes with a few staples:

  • 8 Sheets of double sided box themed paper
  • 2 notebooks
  • 3 dash cards
  • variety of stickers
  • 2 Jumper Band

What is unique about this kit is:

  • Coffee Cozy
  • Planner Clip
  • Coffee Planner Charm
  • Fluffy Planner Poof Keychain
  • Coffee Coaster

So you’re getting quite a bit of stuff, in addition you’re not going to find any of this stuff anywhere else. You also get the choice of Pocket, Personal, or Standard for the sizes. For this kit I went with the Standard size, and for the next one I’m trying out the Pocket Size. It is a touch bigger than the passport, but I want to use the majority of items with my passport, and I can always just trim things down to fix.  Anyways I feel like this box it worth it to fit my needs. Especially since I’m not obligated to purchase it every month if I can’t afford to or don’t like the theme.

I’m not sure if they are able to ship anywhere in the world I know they do ship anywhere in the US and I believe Canada.

Stay tuned for my next Travler’s Journal Post to show how I’m using this kit and how I have my notebook set up!


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