Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I adore Valentines Day, not for the capitalist idea of making my man buy me jewelry, or going out to an over priced dinner. But because I love celebrating those I love, from spending time to them, to making gifts, or just doing something special for them. I think last year was the first year I actually knew that Galentine’s existed. I’m not much of a Parks and Recreation watcher. Last year I did a DIY gift guide, which I still love and think all the things on there are relevant.

This year though, I thought I would do some little things you can buy for Galentine’s Day.



Heart Tea Infuser from Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s so cute! The best part is it only costs $2.99, so you can get your gal pal’s favorite tea and a cute mug. A perfect simple gift, that is full of thoughtfulness.






Who doesn’t love Unicorns? They are adorable! So this Unicorn Heart Pin is a perfect gift for all the magical, sparkly unicorns in your life! You can even get a scarf or a headband and a couple other pins and make a cute little gift set.




Similar to the tea infuser gift idea, a cute Coffee Cozy is always welcome. You could even get some Starbucks gift cards (or favorite local coffee shop),  a mug, or their favorite roast.

Another easy, thoughtful gift that will literally warm the heart.




One of my favorite shops to stalk on Instagram is Tiny Galaxies. Her unique, sparkly jewelry is captivating, and makes me want to buy all the pretty thing! The best part is that you can treat yourself or treat your best friends.


51swgkgiwkl-_sx331_bo1204203200_My last idea is a book, because what goes better with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea!? I recommend All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister, it’s an interesting read, providing insight on how American culture has changed since about the 1950’s, especially when it comes to Women empowerment, working woman, and domestic life.

Today, only twenty percent of Americans are wed by age twenty-nine, compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960. The Population Reference Bureau calls it a “dramatic reversal.” All the Single Ladies is a remarkable portrait of contemporary American life and how we got here, through the lens of the single American woman. Covering class, race, sexual orientation, and filled with vivid anecdotes from fascinating contemporary and historical figures, All the Single Ladies is destined to be a classic work of social history and journalism. Exhaustively researched, brilliantly balanced, and told with Traister’s signature wit and insight, this book should be shelved alongside Gail Collins’s When Everything Changed.”-Goodreads



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