Update: Adventure In Planning

My best 9 for 2016

Now that I have had some experience around the Planning Community I’ve discovered some amazing shops that I now call my favorites, and some facebook groups I consider a second home, not to mention the amazing ladies that make up the community.

So I thought I would make one giant list for anyone who is looking to try new shops, or for someone who is new to the planning community and is looking for shops to purchase from.



Shops: Who I frequent, and who I admire

There are so many shops to choose from when purchasing. When I started I sorta felt like I was failing around buying with out reason. Now when I shop I’m far more picky about what I’m getting, if the price make sense for my budget, if it’s truly functional for me, and if it’s international shipping or not.

This my current frequent list:

Stickers from  Coffee Monster Co.

My Current Admire List:

Stickers from Virgo & Paper




Where I get my planner accessories:

Planner ban from Planning Zen, Clip from Lovely Little Planners, and Planner cover from Stylish Planner

There are subscriptions for everything!

Facebook Groups I Call Home:

Instagram feeds & YouTube channels I stalk:

I also have a fantastic Pinterest board (Planning) with lots of links to free printable kits and stickers, and lots of inspiration for spreads, not to mention the other stores I find- feel free to follow it, I update it every other day it seems.

In addition to my Planning board I recently started one for Traveler’s Journals as well. Which I post ideas, inspiration, printable inserts to- basically anything that a beginner would need because that’s what I am! 🙂

For more from me and my planning adventure be sure to check out my original post about it, and visit my dedicated planner instagram where I post at least three times a week. If you are a planner & have an insta for it leave your user name in the comments and I’ll be sure to check you out! I’m always on the hunt for new people to follow.



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