Or rather 3 Fandom Friday…

Inside jokes are probably my favorite thing about friends. It’s a way you can easily share a memory the binds you together, and keeps the mood light and happy. Through out the years my friends and I have had many inside jokes, but not so many ones that are geeky, at least not that I can remember. I’m not going to explain, or give context that kinda defeats the purpose. These are the only three I can think of:

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A TN Bundle: The Birds Are Chriping

img_2117Like last month I got a Traveler’s Notebook bundle from The 1407 Planners, I have so many ideas on how to deck out both my TNs using this month’s kit. The theme for this month is “The Birds Are Chirping” which is celebrating spring. They offered a mini kit that I think is still on sale for a St. Patty’s theme. I’m not huge into St. Patty’s so I was far more excited about the “The Birds Are Chirping” kit. I almost got the mini kit this month, then I saw the sticker sheets and extras and I just had to get the full kit. The thing I did change up about this month is that instead of getting the “standard” size, I got the “pocket” size for the inserts. And I am super happy about that decision. So Lets dig into this months kit!

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Fictional Men I’d Totally Marry

It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday! This weeks prompt was 5 Fictional Husbands I’d totally Marry. I tweaked it just a bit and took out husband to just being men. It’s about to become very clear I have a thing for men that are ruthlessly brave,  have unwavering loyalty,  the courage to stand for truth and justice, that have a strong sense of family, and are a bit of a romantic. I actually learned a lot about myself doing this post. Like I knew these men were my favorites, but they all have very similar traits, which I did not realize.

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The Great Iggle Bake Off: Cake

img_2004It’s been another fantastic week for baking, this weeks challenge was cake. Like bread I don’t make a whole bunch of cake, usually once or twice a year, for birthdays. My boyfriend’s favorite cake is Cheese cake, last year I made it from scratch for the first time and it turned out delicious. But it was also a bit of a process, so I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to make for this weeks challenge.


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Geekery of the Month: Ready, Set, Bake

Ready, Set, Bake


This month I’ve been baking a ton so it seemed fitting to have it be my Geekery of the Month. How cute is that apron? I actually don’t wear one when I bake/cook. I find them annoying, but like the idea of them. That is probably really weird sounding, but that’s just me I guess. haha.
Be sure to check out my  Great Iggle Bake Off posts, Bread, Cake ( coming tomorrow!). And check the IGGPPC Forum for more info, and to see what others are baking. You can also use the #igglebakeoff and #igglenoms on twitter.

Introduction to Traveler’s Notebooks

Since getting into the planning community, and more into the bullet journal community I’ve come upon Traveler’s Journals. They are also known as Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. These note books have made their way across the world and call Japan home, as part of Japanese minimalism. At their most basic, generally they are a leather cover with an elastic band to hold its continues. There are many sizes to choose from, most common is the Standard (4.33X8.25in), which I use as well as what is known as a Passport size (3.4X4.9in) which I really love. I’ve also seen covers be made from cloth, and other materials.

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Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I adore Valentines Day, not for the capitalist idea of making my man buy me jewelry, or going out to an over priced dinner. But because I love celebrating those I love, from spending time to them, to making gifts, or just doing something special for them. I think last year was the first year I actually knew that Galentine’s existed. I’m not much of a Parks and Recreation watcher. Last year I did a DIY gift guide, which I still love and think all the things on there are relevant.

This year though, I thought I would do some little things you can buy for Galentine’s Day.

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The Great Iggle Bake Off: Bread


I am a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off so when IGGPPC announced they were doing The Great Iggle Bake Off I just had to get involved. The first weeks challenge is bread, I don’t bake a whole lot of bread, probably because I don’t eat a lot of it, but it was also Super Bowl weekend and I had been planning on baking pretzel bites anyways so it just seemed to all fit!

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Life Lately: February

Happy February! February is one of my favorite months, mostly because of valentines day, but also because where I lives tends to start getting warmer in February and it even gets to where I can almost break out the flip flops. I’ve never done a life lately, so I thought why not give it a go!? I’ve been pretty busy with work recently, there are a lot of changes that I’m having to prepare for, for the next harvest. But I’ve also been taking “work hard, play hard” seriously and been giving myself lots of me time.

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Update: Adventure In Planning

My best 9 for 2016

Now that I have had some experience around the Planning Community I’ve discovered some amazing shops that I now call my favorites, and some facebook groups I consider a second home, not to mention the amazing ladies that make up the community.

So I thought I would make one giant list for anyone who is looking to try new shops, or for someone who is new to the planning community and is looking for shops to purchase from.



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