Geekery of the Month: Get UR Niffler On

I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on opening day, as any good PotterHead should. I liked the movie, but I loved Niffler! Nifflers was actually mentioned in the Harry Potter books. I believe it was in the Order of the Phoenix; one was set loose in Umbrige’s office, which made her put extra security, and caused her to be able to catch Harry when he attempts to use her fireplace.
I feel like Niffler stole the screen when ever he was present. If there was a movie about the misadventures of that Niffler, I would go see it at least 3 times. That is how entertained I was by him. So to express my infatuation with him I made this everyday cosplay outfit.

Niffler Inspired Outfit


T By Alexander Wang bomber jacket
$330 –

Red Herring lace up booties
$34 –

Marc Jacobs butterfly earrings
$62 –

Rose necklace

One last item to mention, which I didn’t include in my outfit, is this GORGEOUS handmade necklace. I have a friend who actually owns one (her pic is on the left- I totally stole it from her insta but it’s to amazing not to share!), and I am beyond jealous!
The necklace is designed by Cassie Gretschel

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