DIY: Sticker Book

Oh hey another DIY? I guess so! This one did take me more than an hour, but I was dog sitting and didn’t have a lot to do.  From start to finish this project probably took me three and a half hours to complete. I think if I do it again I’ll do it in half the time, but I was figuring out just exactly I wanted to do, and how it was all going to work together.

Inspiration for this project came from all the sales Michael’s has been having recently. I’ve found myself with a small collection of MAMBI sticker books, they are rather clunky, and I kept forgetting I even have them when I’m planning out my next spread. So I wanted to come up with a way to help myself remember that I have them, should use them, and that is easy to look through.

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

I started by measuring the pages of the MAMBI pages, which I found to be 9 inches by 4.5 inches, then I added a half inch for the punch, so 9 inches by 5 inches is the page size I needed to cut.  Then I took a bunch of paper I got on sale from Michael’s that was on of those huge packs for scrapbooking and cut them to size.


Then I punched the sheets with the Happy Planner Punch. I punched the pages in the middle of the two white lines that are on the end of the punch, so that all the hole would basically line up. If you are punching a lot of pages like me, remember to empty the punch bits from the bottom of the puncher. At the end of punching I realized the little bits were starting to clog up the holes.


Now take the pages you’ve cut and and the pages from the MAMBI books and using double sided tape attache the sticker pages to the pages you’ve cut*. Once you have completed that it’s time to add the rings. I used the large size of rings, if you don’t have many sticker pages then you could also use the mini rings they offer (a smaller version is going to be my next project!).

*You can also cut access off of each page of the sticker pages if you like, but this is not necessary.


Once I got this far I realized that the book was a bit flimsy, and that was really rather annoying, so I decided to make a cover and backing for it. This is also the bit that took the longest. I defiantly loved the flower print page I had on top of my book, but it also felt a bit plain to me so I opened photoshop and made up a quick little quote box of “All good things are wild and free” (I love that saying right now!) Then I laminated the cover and back cover.

I trimmed the access off using a paper cutter.


Then I tried the Happy Planner Punch to punch the hole for the back panel, and for whatever reason it was not having it. In fact the punch ate it up so I had to start over on the back panel. Instead of using the Happy Planner Punch I used a single hole punch and used the holes in the paper (I punched the paper before I laminated it) as a guide. Then using scissors I trimmed the lines so the cover and back panel could “snap” into the rings of the book.

Once you’ve snapped the panels on you’re all done. Enjoy your new sticker book!




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