Fall Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal

I participated in the Fall Sweet Progress Box Swap hosted by @akaleistar and @Mrs_AOK. This is a swap where you and your assigned partner send each other a box of fall happiness! I got an awesome swap partner, Susan, who runs Culinary Envy a fantastic recipe & food blog.

She sent me the best box ever, take a look:



To start with she printed out my site’s logo for the address tag, how cute is that!?! It was such a nice personal touch to the package.




Then when I opened it up there was this adorable note on her cute stationary and the first thing I see is COFFEE! Yaaas! I love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and I took these to work with me, I still have some left which is a great way to start November.



img_0431This box was like Christmas! I loved everything she sent me, it was a ton! I think my favs were the cup & coffee, and the hard caramels. Oh and the dish towel, haha ok so everything was my favorite! I enjoyed most of the treats she sent during the IGGPPC 24 Hour Halloween Party but I had some left for on Halloween too (my boyfriend was more than happy to help me eat them!) and I have the dish towel in my kitchen right now, it actually fits with everything I have really well.



Thanks again Susan for everything! You’re amazing & if you ever want to swap more in the future I am totally down! & Thanks to the lovely hosts of the swap @akaleistar and @Mrs_AOK be sure to check them all out on twitter! And to see more from the Fall Sweet Progress Box Swap search the #SPBoxSwap on twitter!


6 thoughts on “Fall Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal

  1. Susan is such a sweetheart. 🙂 She was my swap partner for a mug exchange and she found a print I loved on Pinterest and made it a mug for me. How awesome is that? Anyway, I see she personalized her box to fit you too. Love it! I hope fall is treating you well. Thanks for swapping with us! I hope to see you back this winter!!


    • OMG YAS! She is freaking amazing! Aww your mug sounds awesome! I will defiantly be keeping my eye out for winter sign ups! I love this swap because it’s for all kinds of blogger, not just one (books, fashion, beauty, etc.) because I don’t really fit into one category. ❤ Seriously, thanks for your hard work in organizing this!


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