Travel Blog: Adventure in Austin

The second installment of my travel blog is here! If you missed the first one check it out here. This post is about the first full day we spent in Austin. Please remember this was writing as it was happening, I’m not currently traveling. Enjoy!

The time difference is so weird because for whatever reason I want to add 2 hours rather than subtract when I’m trying to figure out what time it is at home.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-1-17-56-amToday was the first full day we had in Austin and most of it was spent driving. Which is not fun. I think we spent around three hours driving all together, it might have been more, probably more. Our first stop was business. My mom (who came with me on this adventure) and I went to visit a customer who buys our dried organic blueberries and uses them to make granola bars. We got to tour their kitchens and facilities which was pretty cool. What was not cool was that it was an hour away from where we were staying. But it was a fun adventure finding it, I was also very thankful for the Starbucks which is basically across the street.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-1-49-26-amOur next stop was my  favorite! I have been so excited for this stop since I found it from a random google search I did. It’s called Paper & Craft Pantry– super adorable! There are two great indicators your in the write place, the first is it’s graphic pained wall. The second is it’s mint door. It’s basically an artisan stationery shop, they work with about 60 artists, and they also hold workshops, it’s just a really great space. There was so much to choose from, I wanted all of it! Like no joke, but I think they stuff I got is really amazing, and will be great to send to my pen-pals.

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When we were there the owner, Pei, was also there. She is so incredibly nice, and knowledgeable. You can really tell she loves her business, and what she does. From looking at the shop’s blog you can also tell that she is a pro DYI’er, like holy cow the projects they have are so cool and simple!

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 2.14.17 AM.png
I found this picture on their blog (go check it out it’s amazing!).

I think my favorite part is that I found so many new, talented artists to check out when I get home. I’m really excited to see more of their work!

img_0969For a late lunch we went to Country Line on the Hill. It’s a BBQ joint that over looks hill country in Austin. I had their marble brisket and holy cow it was delicious! In fact our lunch and dinner were both BBQ which was fantastic. It made me feel very Texan haha. For dinner my friend invited us over to her brother’s house and we had a small home cooked meal, and played board games. So basically a fantastic night was had. I was also very proud of my mama for staying awake as long as she did, since we stayed out until like midnight and she had gotten up at 4am that morning.


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