Inside the Theme: Things That Go Bump

HALLOWEEN! What a wonderful time of the year! For Inside the Theme this month the theme is “Things That Go Bump”, which is awesome! If you want to see more answers from this month’s Inside the Theme, be sure to check out the IGGPPC forum!

1) Just empty your mind! What kind of sugar coated treat or mascot would form the giant ectoplasmic monster if you were in ghostbusters?

OMG something made from Cotton Candy. I love cotton candy so much, and how pretty of a monster would that be. Pastel purples, blues, and pinks all twisting together into a giant monster of deliciousness.

2) It came from the swamp! What classic Halloween or vintage horror monster is your favorite and why?


I really like Dracula. The idea of vampires and how that idea has been reimagined over the decades is amazing to me. You know, minus the Twilight ones, those don’t count haha. The idea that humans can do something to gain eternal life is something that appeals to so many people, and then to have it be with a vampire, that shift into a monster. To most is a dark fantasy and has proven to have endless interpretations of it.

3) What spooky fairy tale, or campfire ghost story still makes you jump?!

I’ve never really been afraid of scary stories or anything to do with horror. Instead it makes me fascinated. Although, I did get a little freaked out at the brothers grim movie with Heath Ledger that came out a while ago- but in the end I really liked it.

It just takes more than a story to freak me out- in person I’m super jumpy, which makes no sense.

4) Box of horrors. The closet door rattles… But we all know a great wizard can make the scariest things ridiculous! How would you diffuse your bogart?

OMG this one is so good. Let see, well I feel like I’m Harry Potter in this case, because I love life so much that I’m afraid of death- so I think the Bogart would turn into a dementor. So what would I turn the dementor into?


I think I would change it into a very confused mime, who can’t do anything right and is just failing. I think I would find that super funny.

5) Send a care package to the monster under your bed, in your closet or wherever he is. What do you include in yours?

Ok, so I’m gonna take us back to the 90’s for a minute. ‘Cause if I have to have a monster near me it’s going to be a cool one. 😉

901213db-a05a-4f24-81cd-97b581dbb5ef I would love to have anyone of these adorable creatures under my bed. As a kid I adored Real Monsters. In college the series was put onto Netflix and one of my really good friends and I would stay up late, eat pop tarts, and watch Real Monsters. Those nights are some of the best memories I have.

Back to the question at hand though, what would I put into a care package to these guys?

Well for snack they will need some delicious garbage, they would love the cardboard box I sent the garbage in. Maybe some fake blood to freak humans out with.


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