The Planner Addict Box: Stickers

I have been really proud of myself lately. At one time I had around 7 subscriptions to a variety of subscription boxes, well I started cutting, and choosing which ones I actually liked/were practical. Currently I get Birchbox, and Nature Box (once every 2 months), and most recently The Planner Addict Box: Stickers.

img_9668Why add a subscription, why get The Planner Addict? Because I have no clue what shops I prefer, nor do I know what kind of planner I am. With The Planner Addict you get a sampling from four shops of weekly mini kits. Perfect for more of white space planner, you could also use multiple kits in the same week if you like no white space more. They are themed and cohesively fix together which is really nice for mixing and matching. I also like that it’s different shops every month, things can get stale if you just shop from the same places over and over again.


This month’s theme is all about Fall, harvest, and halloween. Three of the kits are in the same color scheme while the last one is more traditional halloween. I already have kit’s set for the month of October so I’ll be using some of these in November and holding on to some for next year.


My favorite mini kit is from Chic Planner Girl, mostly for the love of my favorite animal, foxes! I think they are way to cute. The sayings that were included such as “We harvest memories” and “meet me in the pumpkin patch”, the clip art is super cute, and there are hexagons included. I haven’t played with that shape in my planning yet so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with it. The only thing I wished that was included was some bottom washi, because I think that would have been gorgeous but I’m super satisfied so not the hugest deal. Check out more from Chic Planner Girl.


My next favorite mini kit is from Sweet Pink Elephant. I love the colors; pinks, oranges, yellows, and browns. I also like the umbrella, because in Oregon fall means rain. The bottom washi is super cute, there is a wide selection that comes in this kit which is really nice. I also really like the deco, there is a little coffee cup and snail mail envelops, just too cute. This kit actually goes really well with what I’m planning on doing for November so I might pull from it through out the month. Check out more from Sweet Pink Elephant.




Third kit is from Rory’s Sweet Addictions. Traditional fall colors, and the deco sheet is cute. The only thing I don’t really like about the kit is that the font choice is Comic Sans, it’s the inner designer in me. It was drilled into me at school that that is a font to stay away from, so I tend to not like it. But the idea of having a little check like sheet of fall activities is super adorable. I also really like the inclusion of hay or wheat for the full boxes. It’s very fall, but also celebrates the end of the Harvest season and coming from a farming background that is pretty cool to see. Check out more from Rory’s Sweet Addiction. 


Glitz Paper Company

Finally, last but not least, is from Glitz Paper Company. This is a very Halloween mini kit, with traditional purple, green, and orange colors. I really like how the kit is all themed, and includes owls, which I typically don’t assoicate with Halloween. It’s refreshing to see something so different. I also super love the deco sayings “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”  and “you say witch like it’s a bad thing” those are fantastic. I think I’ll be using this kit in my bullet journal I use for IGGPPC because hello, 24 hour Halloween party! Check out more from Glitz Paper Company.

This subscription costs $26.00 USD per month plus shipping (there is an international option, I think it’s the same price but more shipping), and you get basically 10 sheets of stickers (8 full sheets & 4 halves) which comes out to around $2.93 per sheet which is actually pretty good considering when sheets are sold anywhere from $2-$4 USD. So for being in the US I think it’s a good deal for my current financial situation. I feel like it might not being if you are outside the US. But it all depends on what you are comfortable spending on a box like this.

img_9667If you are interested in this box you can find more detail here. Something to note is that the boxes ship out on the 25th of each month, and renews on the 1st of each month. It took about 5 days to arrive to me, and arrived in a mailer, and was packed in a cute black craft bag. I think those (the craft bags) change according to the theme. I really liked the one for this month.

I’m really excited to see what next months will hold, and I’m stupid excited for December’s. Will it be winter? Will it be Christmas? There are so many possibilities!

Have you tried The Planner Addict’s boxes? Do you have any favorite shops you like to get stickers from? I would love to know, so leave me a comment down below.




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