Adventures of #flatcube

“The Companion Cube has decided that it wants to go on an adventure! So they have mailed themselves out to some GLaDOS representing Iggles! Be sure to check the hashtag FlatCube and/or HouseGLaDOS on social media platforms to see their adventures.”

A Companion Cube has come to visit me! So I’ve been taking it on lots of adventures! Check them out so far down below. You can also find the Companion Cubes adventure on twitter and Instagram. My friend & pen pal, Mieke also has a Companion Cube visiting her, so be sure to check her out too! 🙂

For those who are wonder why I have a Companion Cube, it’s because I’m in House GlaDOS on IGGPPC, and it’s a house bonding thing we’re doing. 🙂  I’ll be updating this post as I go on more adventures, so stay tuned!


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Adventures Taken So Far:

  • Beach Day
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Local Nursery

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