#ReadThemAllThon Revenge Of The Witch Review

I’ve finished my first book for the #ReadThemAllThon! Revenge of the Witch was a really quick read for me, and about half way through it dawned on me that the story sounded so familiar because I had seen the movie. I didn’t care for the movie much, but it was alright. Which is what this book was.

Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney presents an interesting concept, having to do with being the seventh son of a seventh son, that somehow they are more inclined to have abilities. That was about the only unique thing in the book though. The writing was good, the idea of the Spook was not. Basically they are a monster hunter, or a spirit tamer depending on what you want to call him. Luckily for us Old Gregory is more of as supporting character, and it’s Thomas and Alice that we focus in on. Alice has ties to witches. Specifically Mother Malkin, who is being held at Old Gregory’s estate. Alice does Thomas a kindness and asks for one in return, give some cake to Mother Malkin whilst Old Gregory is out, Thomas does this, and an adventure takes off.
I did think it was interesting that the land in which the story takes place believes in superstitions as much as they did. But treat their protector not very kindly. A Spooks job is to keep spirits away, and protect the towns people, but the townspeople would rather not be seen in his company. To me thats just silly. You would think the towns people would applaud such bravery, because without a Spook they are basically all doomed.
One of my favorite scenes happened early in the book. Old Gregory made Thomas face his fear of a graveyard called Hangman’s Hill. I thought the imagery for this scene was really well done. How Thomas is able to see spirits is really quite cool, as well as how Old Gregory starts teaching him not to be afraid.
The biggest thing that I missed was I didn’t realize how old Thomas was suppose to be. I thought he was 14-16 years of age, when apparently he is suppose to be 12. Like what? What 12 year old is going to go off and start a career? Much less what mother, or family, kicks out a kid at 12 years old? I just think that’s unrealistic, and if I had realized that while I was reading that would have broken my suspension of disbelief. Which would have had a very different outcome of how I go on with the book.
At the end of the day I gave this book 3/5 stars over on goodreads. Like I said at the begging it’s a fine book, but that’s about it.

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