#GGbookclub: The Night Circus

The Girl Gang made a book club recently and they just had their second tweet along about The Night Circus, which has been on my TBR since December 2015. SO I finally read it this month. If you want to join in the conversation be sure to check out #GGbookclub over on twitter. 

Q1: Firstly, did you enjoy The Night Circus? What would you give it out of five?

Ya I did, I would probably give it 4/5 stars. I really like reading books that are just a bit out of what I normally read. I really enjoyed The Night Circus because it was SO odd.

Q2: The Night Circus has a non-linear timeline, did you find the structure disorientating at all?

For like the first 4-5 chapters I had no clue what was happening, or how things were related. Then my brain caught up and I got into the books rhythm. So over all it didn’t bother me, but it was weird, which just added to the over all feel of the book. I think the non-linear timeline really worked for this particular book as well. I think that in another authors hands that could have been a terrible choice.

Q3: What was your favorite part of the circus? Which tent would you most want to visit?

I would want to visit two, the first being The Illusionist because I would love to watch Celia’s performance. I really loved her character and think it would be amazing to actually see her work. The second would be The Carousel, I’ve always loved them. I know there are much more magical things at the night circus but for personal reasons The Carousel would be amazing.

Q4: If you could invent a tent for the circus, what would it be?

I don’t think I would given the chance. Circuses kinda freak me out, they always have since I was little.

Q5: Do you think Hector (Prospero) and Alexander are evil/villains?

Maybe not evil, that’s an awfully strong word. But I do think they are heartless, cold characters who had no right to push their silly game onto other individuals. I especially dislike Hector and how he treated his daughter, he might have actually have been evil.

Q6: Finally; the film and tv rights for The Night Circus have been optioned. Do you think it should be a tv series/film?

No. Not every book needs to be turned into a movie or tv show. There are plenty of examples of missed opportunity because the material wasn’t handled correctly. Some of the ones that stand out to me the most include: Eragon (2006), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010), Twilight (2008),  and The Golden Compass (2007). Whenever I hear about a book being adapted to film I get really nervous and my heart breaks a little.

I also think that when books are adapted it take away some of the books magic, because we all use our imaginations,  and when it goes to film suddenly everything is very definite in how things are suppose to be. I like that everyone imagines characters a bit differently, or how a scene looks can vary from one person to another.


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