Realm of Shadows *Spoilers*

I haven’t been playing video games much because of me crazy work scheduled, but yesterday I was able to get in the first episode of Batman The Telltale Series. Honestly I forgot all about this game coming out, and now I can’t wait for the next episode!

Batman, Arkham, Gotham. These are all icons of the DC universe, and time after time we’ve seen a different take on it. In recent history we’ve seen versions from the comics,  on TV with Gotham on FOX, the Trilogy of video games; Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Origins, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Most recently in Batman vs Superman in theaters, so it’s safe to say there has been an explosion with Batman. In someways I wasn’t excited about the Telltale game because there is so much other Batman stuff out right now. I wasn’t sure the Telltale game would be unique.

But with my work scheduled right now, I need games that are quick and take little brain power. Enter the Telltale games, the fist Batman episode is $4.99 or the season pass is $24.99. The premiss for the first episode is to introduce us to the world and who we’re dealing with. We meet Gordon- a lieutenant for GCPD, Falcone -mob boss, Oz- old school friend, Harvey Dent- running for mayor, and Cat Woman. We also get to see all the sides of Bruce Waynne, the man, the bat, and the public figure. I thought seeing all the different aspects that Bruce has to deal with was really interesting. Usually we just see him being Batman.

Like other Telltale games this is more of a movie with a little interaction. But it wouldn’t be a true Batman game if you didn’t get to kick a little ass. I really enjoyed the fighting mechanics, even more so though, I enjoyed the detective aspect. I thought that linking clues together, and piecing events together was really fun and interesting. I thought it was also nice that you could customize your Bat Gear color, I choose purple and I think it looks really cool! 🙂

~Spoiler Talk~

One of my favorite characters we saw was Oz. When Bruce and Alfred were talking about Oz, before we met him, I was like “Oz? Oz who? OMG could it be…?” and I got really excited because it’s a different Ozwald than I’ve seen in Gotham, or from movies/tv shows. I’m not huge on the comics just cause they have never been my thing. So I can’t speak to if this Oz is from them or not. I just know its new and exciting. The one thing I am confused about though is in Gotham Ozwald is Gordon’s age, and in the Telltale game he’s Bruce’s age. So I’m wondering which time line is correct? I really loved the scene where we meet him, I just kept thinking to myself “Ok Ozwald, what trouble are you going to cause?” And good lord has he been busy!

My least favorite character was Vicki Vale, I mostly just thought she was annoying to deal with. At first I thought she was going to be up to something then I remembered her role is something similar to that of Louis Lane for Superman. I thought Havey Dent was annoying too, but I want to know how he and Selina met, those two don’t exactly run in the same circles, well at least not yet.

Did anyone actually shake Falcone’s hand? I didn’t! The slime that would be left on Bruce’s hand makes me gag a little bit. But the voice acting for him was really well done, and I enjoyed Falcone character as much as you can enjoy a mob boss.

Have you played episode one? What did you think? Who was your favorite character? Let me know in the comments! 



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