Stranger Things Season 1

I have a TV, but I don’t have cable anymore. I haven’t for about 2 years now, and not that I really miss all the commercials, and flipping through channels. I do however hate having to wait until the next day to see whatever show I wanted to see. In the meantime though there is Netflix to comfort me. They are doing some really great stuff over there! Bringing things like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and most recently Stranger Things.

Stranger Things was released on July 15, 2015. It is a “TV” series in the horror, drama, mystery genera that takes place in the 80’s. They really captured the feel of the old TV shows and Movies really well, typically I don’t like older TV shows & movies, I’m not really sure why that is, it’s just kinda cringy for me. However this got a hold of my attention and wouldn’t let go. The basic premise they start with is that a boy is on his way from a friends house and he mysteriously goes missing, then his family, friends, and local police set out to find him. On their quest they are met with horrifying terrors that make them question their reality.

 Spoiler Talk

Each episode left you wanting more. In the first episode everything is set up, I really enjoyed that the boys are into D&D, it just made me feel like I could relate to these little kids a little more. They’re nerds, I’m a nerd, we’ll all get along! I thought we were gonna loose Dustin rather than Will, I also thought he was straight up dead. I’m so glad it took  a different turn! I also felt like the entire thing had a Steven King feel to it-when I was like 12 I saw Steven King’s “It” on tv it was the worst thing I have ever put myself through! But I had the same feeling all whilst watching Stranger Things, a feeling of impending doom. 


The only character through out the show I wasn’t the biggest fan of was Will’s mom, Joyce. She did her acting really well, her character was just a little to over board for me, but I did like that she was instant that she was not crazy even though she sounded crazy. My favorite character was Eleven, her acting was on point! Even though she didn’t have the most lines, when she did have something to say it was impactful. Her actions also speak louder than her words in most cases as well. The character I would have liked to know more about is Benny. He was the restaurant owner we met Eleven in, he’s the one who called child services, and gave Eleven a burger. I thought he was really interesting, and seemed like he could have an interesting back story, and interesting motives.

At the end of the show, they have set it up really nicely for season 2, which I can not wait for! But also left the viewers with a big old pile of questions. So for this next part I’m going pose the question I have, and my theory on what could be the answer. (I’m a sucker for fan theories!) In the comments below I would love to hear if you have any fan theories about the show!


  1. What the heck happened to Will?

Will was in the Upside Down for basically the whole show. We saw that others we’re eaten right away, rest in peace Barbara, but not Will. Why? Why would the monster save him? Did it have something to do with Wills ability to run away and hide? Did the monster just like toying with it’s food or is did it have something else in mind entirely? We see in the last moments of the show that Will coughs something -it looked like a slug or larva to me- up. Does this mean he’s caught in between realities now? Or is his nightmare not yet over? Is whatever he coughed up able to grow into new monsters?  I have so many questions about the rules of the Upside Down and not enough information to draw logical conclusions. I do think, however, that Will is in for a tough battle, weather it’s for his soul, his mind, or his life.

2. What went wrong in the Upside Down?

From what we see the Upside Down is identical to our world, but something catastrophic happened there. I think it was some kind of invasion, I’m not sure if it means alien or grown in a lab, but that monster totally has some involvement. I also think that because Eleven found the monster while interacting with the dead- I assume the guy was dead- that the Upside Down could be some form of purgatory.

3. Are there others like Eleven?


We only saw Eleven whenever she was at the facility, but that place is huge! Surely there are others like her. But since there was such a keen interest in her, does that mean Eleven is the most effective/powerful? I think it does. If there are others adult or child they were kept away from Eleven. I think a big clue is also her name- Eleven- what we don’t know is if they are alive or dead.

4. Where did Hop go after he left the hospital?

While I was watching I thought they were going to kill him and we would never see him again. I feel like I was expecting just everyone to die at the end for whatever reason. But now I feel like maybe he stuck some kind of deal? Maybe now he is working for them? The only way to know for sure is to check out season 2 which hasn’t been confirmed for a renewal yet. Hopefully we get that confirmed soon. If it is renewed I think season 2 will be out some time in July 2017.

What did you think of Stranger Things? Anything you want to see happen in Season 2? Anyone you wanted to die that didn’t? Let me know in the comments!



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