Everyday Cosplay PokemonGo Trainer

It’s the weekend, and Oregon is having some awesome weather for getting out and enjoying the great out doors. This weekend, my boyfriend and I had planned on going for bike rides, but yesterday he seriously hurt his ankle, so he’s gonna be resting up on the couch all weekend. Which means I’m left to my own demise, which isn’t so bad.
In planning on what I’m taking with me on my great adventure I’ll actually be wearing an outfit pretty close to the one shown below! Key elements for this weekend are good shoes for the miles I’ll be covering, hat for sun protection, shorts for while its hot, but a jacket for while it’s cold (Oregon can be confusing 99% of the time!). I have a bad ass Team Valor shirt coming, which will be great once it’s actually here, until then I’m sporting my Squirtle evolution shirt. ❤
PokemonGo Trainer Inspired Outfit


Wrap top

T shirt

Jean shorts
$30 – zalando.co.uk

Choker necklace
$10 – etsy.com

Cap hat

I hope everyone has a great & safe, Pokemon filled weekend!

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