It’s A Band New World Out There!

The wait is finally over! PokemonGo is out for the US! After months of waiting it seems like the last day has been the worst of it. Having Australia and select other regions have it out was killing me! And by mid afternoon I broke down and figured out how to download it through the Australian app shop, which really wasn’t all that hard.

Now that the game is out let’s take a peak at it!

When you first open the game you meet Professor Willow, who guides you on catching Pokemon, and helps you catch your starter Pokemon. You can choose between Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur.

IMG_8547 (1)I picked Charmander because Charazard is amazing! The way you power up and evolve the Pokemon is based in how much of their candy you have. If you catch more than one of the same Pokemon you get XP, their candy, and stardust as rewards.

Once you have enough candy and stardust you’ll be able to power up or evolve them. Power up increases CP or Combat Power, evolution does as well, but Power Up maxes that CP out with enough candy and stardust.

Stardust can also be earned through hatching eggs. Eggs you find at PokeStops, which are scattered through out the world. Where I am when I was adventuring they were picnic tables, benches, signs. You don’t have to be right next to it, just in range of it. I saw on twitter a police station had to put a sign up and tweet out that people didn’t need to come into the station just to get Pokeballs. Ha, ha, silly people!

There are also two gyms near me, I was only level 3 when I found them, so I’ll be going

This gym is in the middle of a bunch of trees…

back today to see if anyone has taken them over if I get to be the first to claim them. I don’t know if there is a minimum requirement for all gyms but the ones I found said I needed to be at least level 5.


IMG_8557The game in general is super easy to use, has a great UI and design to it. But being able to tell the distance on screen to real life is distorted, and feels janky. I would be watching my screen to see how far I am from something, but it would appear much farther in game than in real life which was confusing.

I also really like how the game will give you “hints” about what Pokemon are near you, and that it updates and changes as you move.

Somethings I feel like are missing from the game is a real social aspect. Right now the only time battling occurs is when you take on a gym. I feel like there should be a friends list, trading, battling for fun, all that stuff that is normally in Pokemon games. My hope is that as they get past the initial launch they will add more features in. There is plenty of space for them to do so in their UI. Time will only tell.

I can’t wait for PokemonGo Plus to be released, I really don’t like having to have the app open all the time. It really wears on my battery. If you’re wanting PokemonGo Plus make sure it will work with your phone, if you have a newer smart phone your probably good, but if your using an older phone be sure to check. I preordered off of amazon, still no release date but it should be soon. Also please don’t get it off of eBay for like $300 that is just silly, and a rip off.

My favorite Pokemon I have caught so far is Staryu. I was just sitting at my desk and there it was! Just waiting to be caught!

There was a new trailer released as well for PokemonGo:


Are you playing PokemonGo? Are there any features you would like to see added in? Are you obsessed like me? What’s your favorite Pokemon You’ve caught so far? Let me know in the comments! ❤


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