Gift Guide for The Harry Potter Lover

To celebrate Harry’s birthday I thought I would share some amazing geeky gifts any Potter lover would want.
Gift Guide for The Harry Potter Lover


Bar tool

Quote mug

Scented candle

Golden necklace

Stud earrings


The Flash Invaded By A Slytherin

Has anyone else heard that dear little Draco Malfoy is joining the cast of The Flash? Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy throughout the Harry Potter movies was announced earlier this summer that he would be joining the cast of The Flash as Julian Dorn, as something of a healthy rival to Berry Allen.

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Everyday Cosplay Ginny Weasley

I can’t believe July is almost over! Where did Potter Month go? Today’s look is inspired by Ginny Weasley, who is one of my favorite characters in the books. Mostly because she is an amazingly strong female character, who is an excellent witch, and an awesome athlete.
Everyday Cosplay Ginny Weasley


Topshop tailored pants
$46 –

Block heel shoes

Barneys New York leather daypack

Leaves earrings
$545 –

Heroes & Villians

IGGPPC’s theme for July is Heroes & Super Villains, and one of the super fun activities is to make a playlist with some fun prompts. I had a lot of fun coming up with songs, and actually dug out some that I haven’t listened to in a long time. I think the last prompt was the hardest “cape.” I imagined a cape that had been to a pretty epic battle of some kind so thats the kind of song I set out to find. I ended up with “Coat of Arms” and it’s just epic to listen to.

It’s Been One Week

It’s been one week since PokemonGo has graced us. In that time so much has been discovered about the game, mostly that nerds actually like being outside! (haha, bad joke, I know 😉 ).

This is an information dump of the 10 best tips I’ve come across, and they turned out to be true for me. Hopefully this will help someone else in their quest to be a Pokemon Master, or at least be a good “cheat sheet” of tips for future use.

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Everyday Cosplay PokemonGo Trainer

It’s the weekend, and Oregon is having some awesome weather for getting out and enjoying the great out doors. This weekend, my boyfriend and I had planned on going for bike rides, but yesterday he seriously hurt his ankle, so he’s gonna be resting up on the couch all weekend. Which means I’m left to my own demise, which isn’t so bad.
In planning on what I’m taking with me on my great adventure I’ll actually be wearing an outfit pretty close to the one shown below! Key elements for this weekend are good shoes for the miles I’ll be covering, hat for sun protection, shorts for while its hot, but a jacket for while it’s cold (Oregon can be confusing 99% of the time!). I have a bad ass Team Valor shirt coming, which will be great once it’s actually here, until then I’m sporting my Squirtle evolution shirt. ❤
PokemonGo Trainer Inspired Outfit


Wrap top

T shirt

Jean shorts
$30 –

Choker necklace
$10 –

Cap hat

I hope everyone has a great & safe, Pokemon filled weekend!

Everyday Cosplay ~ House Pride ~

So if you’ve been a reader of mine for very long you could probably guess that I’m a member of Gryffindor.  One of the very fun ways to express not only house pride but also fandom pride is cosplaying and everyday cosplaying.

While I’ve never really been into eaither intentionally, I have been doing everyday cosplaying by accident since I was a senior in high school. I just never knew there was a word for what I was doing. YAY LEARNING! There is also a nifty site Polyvore, where you can create amazing outfits. In the future I plan on featuring more of these, they are really fun to do! So may I present everyday cosplay of a Gryffindor ❤

Gryffindor Everyday Cosplay


Are you on Polyvore? Follow me & I’ll add you back!

It’s A Band New World Out There!

The wait is finally over! PokemonGo is out for the US! After months of waiting it seems like the last day has been the worst of it. Having Australia and select other regions have it out was killing me! And by mid afternoon I broke down and figured out how to download it through the Australian app shop, which really wasn’t all that hard.

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Get Your Potter On

Happy Harry Potter Month Ya’ll! I’m late getting this up because life is crazy busy at the moment. But I want to get up a few posts this month celebrating all that is Harry Potter- books, movies, the fandom, all of it. So keep your eyes peeled as they pop up!

Today I want to start with why I love Harry Potter, and what it all means to me. Like most children of my generation, I read Harry Potter as a child. Some of my classmates started in third grade reading the books (which would have been like 1999??), and they loved it.

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