E32016 In Review; Closing Thoughts

It has been a magical five days, with highs and lows pouring out of E3, there are moments when I think all gamers rejoiced, lost their minds, and ones where we all fell asleep (Nintendo, I’m looking at you). But I think it’s incredibly important to really think about everything we have seen in past E3, and remember that a lot of the games we are seeing this year, on release could be something entirely different, my prime example of this would be Watchdogs. So much hype was around that game, the devs promised we would be able to do all these incredible things, and it was an utter let down.

I know we are all excited, and riding that hype, it’s fun. But I implore all gamers to speak with their wallets. It’s the only way companies will listen to us, and not pre-order games unless your a die hard fan. A lot of people say just don’t pre-order at all, but I think that’s unreasonable, because if another dragon age game came out I would pre-order instantly, even if it was shit. And that’s because we all have our “weaknesses” from Bioware, Blizzard, Final Fantasy, take your pick, we all have things we love.  But on the whole we need to have standards, hold devs to those standards, as well as ourselves. To expect greatness, and have greatness deliver.

It seemed like the over all theme for this E3 was “WTF is that?” Companies and Devs really brought their A game this year and appear to have had a shift in what and how they presented to us. It seems that they are finally listening to the gamers, and are presenting to us as well as the press. Companies who were top dogs in doing this for me were UbiSoft and Sony, followed very closely by the PC Gaming Show.

With so much greatness that appeals to lots of different kinds of gamers, not all games appealed to me, but I did come out with a good hand full of games that I am looking forward to seeing more from.

E32016 Game Watch List:


What games are you looking forward to? Anything you wish had been announced? *cough* Dragon Age 4 *cough* Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “E32016 In Review; Closing Thoughts

  1. I think that ReCore looks like a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to some of the games there weren’t specifically announced at E3, but have E3 trailers, like I Am Setsuna and Sword Art Online. Of course I am also really looking forward to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 😀

    Horizon looks interesting, but I don’t have a PS4. 😥


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