Nintendo Borefest at E3

Oh Nintendo, I love you but you need to step up your game. While I do love you and your games I fell asleep during your conference. Literally, while at my desk, at work. I also really don’t like that you intentionally used your twitch time on Sun and Moon then tried to push viewers over when the twitch time ended. I know that instead of pulling those people, they just moved on because you were boring and didn’t hold peoples attention.

So I watched the Nintendo Tree house for two, two and a half hours, most of which I was doing other things (work, other E3 news, etc.). For the first 10 minutes there were audio issues through the twitch stream, which is silly that it even happened. It opened with a trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, which just a tease to incite people to stick around until they get back to Zelda. The next 50 minutes was spent on Pokemon Sun & Moon. Which featured live game play, and that was cool, I didn’t want/need 50 minutes of it but that’s what we got. Then 8 minutes was a “break” as they set up for Zelda. What I did see of the new Zelda game looks like a large departure from what we are use to and stepping into the more mainstream open world rpg’s. It’s kinda like Nintendo’s take on Skyrim if that makes sense. I’m excited to see more, and eventually pick the game up sometime in 2017.

While the snoozefest that was the Pokemon section we got a few other interesting bits of video game news. Starting with a patch for Overwatch, I thought this was super interesting because I think just a couple of days a go, or sometime last week I read an article talking about the Overwatch team investigating into making some changes to heroes, but nothing was set in stone. I was honestly surprised to see action be taken so quickly. The heroes effected include McCree, and Widowmaker, with bug fixes. For full patch notes click here.

The second interesting bit we got was a new trailer for Civilization VI and a look at it behind closed doors. I love the Civ games, I think I have like 500+ hours logged on Civ V. I was rather disappointed with beyond earth so I’m glad they are getting back to their roots. civilizationvi-screenshot-camera-02-medium-186077

Did you manage to stay awake during Nintendo’s Tree House? Were you actually entertained the whole time? Have you check out Overwatch after the patch? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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