E32016 In Review; Sony

All hail Sony, Champion of E3 2016. This is what I was waiting for all day, my mind was blow so many times, from start to finish, they had hit, after hit, after hit. Sony also did something that I think more companies should do, and that was treating their games as pieces of Art. They let the games shine, and speak for themselves, it was perfect. One of the most unique experiences was that they had an Orchestra on hand who played through out the entire showcase. It was brilliant.

If you missed the showcase check it out here (skip to 28 mins to avoid preshow):

My Favorites and thoughts:

  • God of War 4 Releasing TBA
    • Good lord this game. I want it like yesterday! God Of War was one of the first games I played. This reboot, or new chapter looks amazing, and I am so excited for it to come out. I can’t wait to see more game play, and for the release date.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Releasing 2.28.17
    • The growth of the game we have seen from last year to this is so incredible, and so, so promising. I want in that world! While the demo was happening my boyfriend said that it looked like a “me” game haha.
  • Detroit Become Human Releasing TBA
    • Hearing rumors about this game and then finally seeing what it was – holy cow! And the web of possible out comes, my goodness.
  • Death Standing Releasing TBA
    • I think this was the drop mic moment of the showcase. After the cancellation of Silent Hills disappointed a ton of people, and I think for legal reasons they changed the name probably, but I think everyone knows that is exactly what it is.

What did you think about Sony’s presentation? What games are you excited to see? Let me know in the comments!


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