La Papierre Stationery Subscription Review

Finally, I’m sitting down to write this review, I’ve been meaning to for about a month now. June is my third month getting the subscription, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had, and trust me I’ve had quite a few!

What is La Papierre?

La Papierre is owned by a super adorable couple (Julie & Denise) who are both active member of League of Extraordinary Penpals, and in 2010 they opened their Etsy shop. Together they create amazing stationery you can buy individual packs OR you can subscribe to their stationery subscription service, which is what I have done.

June’s Designs

Down & Dirty Details:

They have different levels, the level I’m doing is the cheapest, I spend $6 each month and get 12 sheets of adorable stationery (6 designs X 2 sheets of each).  They also have additional plans for $10 per month (24 sheets, 6 designs X 4 sheets of each) and $18 per month (48 sheets, 6 designs X 8 sheets of each). They also have recently added matching envelopes at additional amounts. For more details click here. 

Shipping can sometimes get confusing and expensive, good thing for all North American’s the shipping is FREE! For those outside of North America, shipping is still really reasonable, for the 12 sheet plan will be charged $2 for shipping, the 24 sheet plan will be charged $4 for shipping, and $6 for the 48 sheet plan. To read all of their FAQ click here.

(Left) June’s Referral Goody (Right) May’s Referral Goody

The coolest perk about their subscription service is the referral program. Let’s say my review here convinces you, you go check it out for yourself and decide it’s something you would like to do, if you use JENNIFER WILT as a referral then YOU get free stuff and I get free stuff! (Who doesn’t like free stuff??) Then when you get your first package a) you get a little something extra and b) Your bestie wants in on it to, so they use your name as a referral, then YOU and YOUR BESTIE get free stuff the next month! And it just goes on and on! All referral goodies are a $5 value, so if your spending $6 and have a referral you are getting $11 return in stuff, not too shabby!


Who would this appeal to? Why did I subscribe?

Anyone who writes letters! Or adores stationery! When I first joined IGGPPC I had no cute stationery and was just writing on normal notebook paper (how boring!) eventually I found some awesome stuff, but I wish I had found La Papierre sooner because the designs are adorable and professional, I have paper and new designs every month, and its a good value. I really like the quality of paper, and size of A5, they also now offer matching envelopes, which I’m going to have to investigate more! Also the level I’m getting (12 sheets) is perfect for me, cause I write between 3-6 letters every month so I can use this adorable stationery and other stuff that I have so it’s a good mix in.

If I had anything negative to say at all it would be that I wished the pages were double sided with designs, but that in no way is a deal breaker for me.

Are there any stationery subscriptions out there that you love? Let me know in the comments! Also if you decide to try La Papierre let me know and your thoughts on it! 


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