#GGbookclub: Fangirl

The Girl Gang bookclub read Fangirl this month by Rainbow Rowell. If you want to join in the conversation be sure to follow them over on twitter.

Q1: Firstly, the obvious, did you enjoy Fangirl? Briefly say why/why not!

I guess. It was relatable for portions, and charming in others, but over all it didn’t mess well with me, and was a bit of an unpleasant read.

Q2: People seem to either love or hate Cath! What did you think? Did you relate to her at all?

This was my first read by her. I wasn’t impressed at all. I thought the concept for her book was really interesting, but it was a bit…whinny? I’m not sure if that’s the right word. I was far more interested in what Wren was up to rather than Cather.

Q3: What did you think of the Simon Snow segments before each chapter? Have you/would you read Carry On (also by Rowell)?

I got really tired of them, really quickly. I understand the concept of why they are there. But it screamed Harry Potter to me, I don’t know if anyone else thought of that but getting hit over the head with it after a while got old.

Q4: What does being a fangirl, fandom and fanfiction mean to you? If anything?

Fangirl=geek. Simple. I don’t totally like that there is a pronoun attached to it, I don’t refer to myself as a Fangirl, simply a nerd or geek. Love different fandoms, but I don’t really get into fanfiction reading. I do however enjoy fanfiction art pieces.

Q5: Gripe time: what issues did you have with Fangirl? What didn’t you like/would you improve?

All of it? haha, just kidding. The biggest thing I would change is the Simon Snow stuff, less Harry Potter, more original thought. I would also give Cather some more friends, no one goes to college lives in dorm and has like three people to talk to. Maybe they don’t have to be friends, but acquaintances at least!  Cather’s story was terribly depressing to me.

Q6: Were you satisfied with the ending? Or did you want more closure? Or just MORE?

I was glad it was finally over! It’s the only book I’ve read by Rainbow Rowell, and I don’t plan on reading any more of her work.


E32016 In Review; Closing Thoughts

It has been a magical five days, with highs and lows pouring out of E3, there are moments when I think all gamers rejoiced, lost their minds, and ones where we all fell asleep (Nintendo, I’m looking at you). But I think it’s incredibly important to really think about everything we have seen in past E3, and remember that a lot of the games we are seeing this year, on release could be something entirely different, my prime example of this would be Watchdogs. So much hype was around that game, the devs promised we would be able to do all these incredible things, and it was an utter let down.

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E32016 In Review Directory Post

It’s really summer now that E3 is upon us! This is my third year watching the conference and my first year tweeting it. I actually had a lot of fun tweeting, and watching others in the #E32016 hashtag, good lord was that thing moving on my tweet deck! I feel like the bar was set last year with Bethesda mic dropping Fall Out 4 on us, and that made the presentations for this year really bring it, or at least feel the pressure to.

So Far I’m really satisfied with the conference, I’ve never taken so many notes about games I’m interested in before. It seems like this year is about the gamer and what gamers want, which is a nice change of pace.

The following list will act as my directory, because there is just to much to cover in one post. So be sure to check it all out, there are links and videos galore as well as a bit of commentary from me.

E32016 In Review; Sony

All hail Sony, Champion of E3 2016. This is what I was waiting for all day, my mind was blow so many times, from start to finish, they had hit, after hit, after hit. Sony also did something that I think more companies should do, and that was treating their games as pieces of Art. They let the games shine, and speak for themselves, it was perfect. One of the most unique experiences was that they had an Orchestra on hand who played through out the entire showcase. It was brilliant.

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E32016 In Review; UibSoft

UbiSoft’s games are usually pretty forgettable for me, and there’s nothing wrong with that however when UbiSoft’s showcase rolls around I look forward to Aisha Tyler hosting. She is SAVAGE and I love her for it. Cracking jokes left and right, not taking it serious, it’s amazing.

I’ll admit the opening dance number did terrify me, but I think it was the best route they could have take for Just Dance 2017. From then on though the show was so enjoyable and there are a few games scattered through out that I’m interested in, so better than EA (but it’s not hard to beat, let’s be real here).

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Nintendo Borefest at E3

Oh Nintendo, I love you but you need to step up your game. While I do love you and your games I fell asleep during your conference. Literally, while at my desk, at work. I also really don’t like that you intentionally used your twitch time on Sun and Moon then tried to push viewers over when the twitch time ended. I know that instead of pulling those people, they just moved on because you were boring and didn’t hold peoples attention.

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E32016 In Review; PC Gaming Show

This is usually the show that I look forward to the least! However this year the show was jam packed with games. In about an hour and a half they introduced about 30 titles. So I am not going to be going over all of them, that is a ton! The show was hosted again by Sean Plott (AKA Day9) who is very entertaining, and did a great job with the show.

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E32016 In Review; Microsoft

I have an Xbox One, and actually like Windows 10, so I was actually looking forward to the Microsoft showcase. And it wasn’t that bad! But because of work I missed about the first 40 minutes which really bummed me out!

The XBox Conference covered 19 topics, if you want the highlights, check out XBox’s YouTube Playlist.

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Let’s Kick Off E3; EAPlay

So after Bethesda blew everyone out of the water last year, EA took back their spot and went first this year, opening the conference. I think EA didn’t like being showed up, but it’s Bethesda, what are you going to do you know?

For me EA was the worst presentation, and I’m really glad they went first (get the bad out of the way, you know?). The games they showed just weren’t my cup of tea and that’s ok. I’m sure there are some people stoked about what EA came with.

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