Wonderlust: Summer Destinations

Summer is right around the corner, and that means a lot of people I know will be traveling. Every summer I get a little bit jealous of those people. I imagine them setting off to their exotic locations and all the fun and relaxing they get to do. While I am stuck working 12-18 hours days at least six days a week, but welcome to farm life. Harvest is go time, and I understand that, I also travel in the fall and winter. But still not being able to go see people when they are using their vacation time, or go on trips with people really sucks.

So to try and combat some of my envy I thought I would put together a list of summer destinations I want to travel to if I ever got the chance.

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Inside The Theme: Woodland Fantasy

  1. What is your favorite fantasy story, and what’s so great about it?
    • Harry Potter, was my childhood. But there are countless stories that I love. 
  2. What was your first experience with fantasy?
    • Experiencing the power of imagination. No matter what story it was, while reading, being able to use my imagination and see the story the author had created in my minds eye. 
  3.  Modern technology allows fantasy stories to be told in a variety of different mediums now; do you prefer diving into a good old fashioned book, reading a colorful comic, yelling at your videogames while bathing in the blood of your virtual enemies, or snacking on all the popcorns in front of your TV or at the movies? (Listening to troubadours performing the ballad of Beowulf is also a totally valid choice.)
    • Books, Movies, and Video games are all good. I’ve just gotten into comics this year and it’s been a great adventure so far. 
  4. Pets are a very popular choice in fantasy. Because pets are awesome. Which magical pet would you most like to adopt? (You can either go with a kind of creature, or a specific pet from a specific story you wouldn’t mind moving in with you – because let’s face it, we all want Toothless as a bestie.)
    • So Unicorn, because hello, love them. But if it was the HP world then an owl. 🙂 
  5.  Your RPG play style: alignment, faction, race, and class. Do you play tabletop style or in a digital medium?
    • Umm I don’t even know what this means lol. I’ve never played a D&D game, but in video games I tend to like being an elf that is either an assassin or a ranger. I also like being a mage.

April In Review

April flew past didn’t it? I didn’t post as much because real life was really busy. And for the next four to four and a half months is going to be super busy! For those who don’t know my irl job is working on my parents certified organic berry farm. I’m in charge of lots of different things, and it seems like I’m taking on more and more projects all the time. But spring is when the plants launch back to life and get growing, and harvest is right around the corner. This year we expect to be harvesting around a million pounds of fruit so it’s going to take a ton of work to make sure everything gets done according to plan. So if I’m not posting it’s because the real world is hogging my internet time away from me.

What I have been up to when not working is still a fair amount tho,

  • Celebrated National Stationary Week by sending some snail mail & creating a new tumblr dedicated to stationery.
  • Watched Ant Man in anticipation of Civil War
  • Got to tour my Mom’s high school last weekend, which was really fun to see.
  • Got a super awesome package from a pen pal in Belgium who spent some time in Japan and sent me so many goodies!
  • Announced the winner of my Papergang giveaway
  • I got Splatoon, and did the Spongebob themed splat fest, which was really fun.
  • Finished my series 3 animal crossing amiibo card collection.
  • Did a ton of work on a video project I have going on for a client.
  • Got my first order from La Papierre, a stationery subscription starting as low as $6 per month. (Review coming soon promise!)
  • Played way to much Black Desert Online, and Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  • I didn’t read as much as I would have liked to, hopefully that changes this month.
  • Worked out 3 times a week consistent, & drank at least 60 oz of water each day! Super proud of that one.

How was your April?