Play with Pixels


April’s theme on IGGPPC is Play with Pixels which basically anything video game related! Just up my ally! It’s been a really fun month, sending video game themed mail to other Iggles. Here are my answers to this month’s inside the theme:


  • Who is your favorite female video game character, and what makes her especially awesome?

My original Warden from Dragon Age Origins. She is a powerful elven mage who speaks her mind, and is a little snarky, but also wants what is best for all of Ferelden. My other favorite is her counter part, once I realized I couldn’t marry Alister as a mage I had to play the game all over, haha. So her counter part is a human nobel rouge who is a master at sword play, she never hesitates and always hits her mark.

  • MMORPG, sandbox, platformer, strategy, or story mode – What is your favorite game genre or type of game?

MMORPG Sandbox’s are my favorite between sandboxes and theme parks. I use to play WoW but it never clicked with me completely. Then I got into ArchAge and that blew my mind. I am currently obsessed with Black Desert Online and OMG if your’e looking for a new MMO to try Black Desert, & come find me on the Orwen server. 🙂

If I’m not online then I love RPG games like Fallout, Skyrim, Dragon Age. But really I love all games if you want to get right down to it. Except maybe CSGO.

  • What was the first video game and/or console you ever owned? (And would it hold up today?)

I didn’t start playing video games until I was in high school because I wasn’t allowed. When I was young the most I was allowed to play were educational games, which totally don’t count. So the first game I owned was Kingdom Hearts (PS2) or Assassins Creed (PC) I don’t remember which one was first. I know Dragon Age Origins was right after that tho.

  • When did your family first get their own personal computer, what kind was it, and what do you remember using it for?

At some point in the 90’s we had a computer but it wasn’t a family one & I wasn’t allowed on it except to learn to type. It was my mom’s and it was for work.

  • Show us your three favorite pictures shared on Instagram.




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