BDO Patch Notes 4.05.16 & 4.08.16

Patch Notes from Earlier this week & from earlier today! Click here to see April 5 and here to see April 8 on the forums, other wise I’ve compiled both down below with any needed links! Enjoy!

April 5, 2016

Events & System

  • Updated the nametag of the Cherry Blossom Trees from “Cherry Blossom Seed for Farming” to “Cherry Blossom Tree for Farming”.
  • Easter Egg Dye Sale period has been extended to April 13th
  • Easter Egg Event period has been extended to April 13th.

Item Changes

  • Highest price for Registration of following items on Market Place has been adjusted
    • Kzarka Weapon
    • Liverto Weapon
    • Ogre’s Ring
  • Fixed the abnormal marketplace prices for enchanted Dobart armor.
  • The following items have had their stats improved.
    • Token of Friendship
      • DEF 5/HP 15 > DEF 5/HP 20
    • Shrine Guardian Token
      • DEF 5/HP 15 > DEF 5/HP 20
    • Ridell Earring
      • DEF 4/ACC 1 > DEF 5/ACC 1
  • The NPC Store price for the following items has been changed to 1 silver.
    • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (Jumbo)
    • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (Jumbo)
    • [Battlefield] Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice
    • [Battlefield] HP Potion (Jumbo)
    • [Battlefield] MP Potion (Jumbo)

Mechanic Changes

  • The number of Blackstones needed to force an enchantment has been lowered.

Monster Changes

  • Drop rates for field bosses, guild bosses, and Kzarka have been adjusted.
  • Kzarka will now spawn in all channels.
  • Guild raid boss Ferrid and Giant Mudster can now attack up to 50 targets. (Previously 10)

Interface Changes

  • Game sounds should now be muted when the game window is minimized to the tray.
  • On/Off function on Helmet in Dye window has been fixed.
  • Up & Down function on Helmet face cover in dye window has been added.
  • Additional information on Totem of the Sea & Alchemy Stones window.
  • New combat music for when a player is detected or attacked by an elite monster with higher level
  • The sound effects from a party member for Back Attack/Counter Attack/Down Attack/Air Attack/Speed Attack should now sound softer as the party member gets farther from the player

Known Issues


  • Fixed the issue where using Flash Bangs or Fire Crackers while holding fishing rod or hand gun only consumed the items without any visible effects.
  • Clicking other buttons in the inventory (Tab, Palette, etc.) while dragging an item from the inventory should release the item.
  • Fixed the issue where your horse is teleported to the Red Battlefield if the character participates in Red Battlefield after using Horse Flute
  • Fixed the issue where the detachable Quick Slot disappears when selecting a pet.
  • Fixed the issue where Korean text was displayed If “Receive All” is selected in Transportation.

April 8, 2016

Event & System

The Auto-path looping feature has been enabled in-game.

  • The following items have been excluded from the store in Red Battlefield.
    • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL)
    • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (XL)
Those who are already in possession of the items above will see them replaced with those below:
  • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL) > [Battlefield] HP Potion (XL)
  • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (XL) > [Battlefield] MP Potion (XL)

Minor adjustement for AP/DP at the Red Battlefield

  • Corrected : Minimum DP balancing has been increased
  • Corrected : HP balancing at the beginning of the battle has been removed
  • Corrected : HP balancing granted to the losing team has been decreased.

Tier 1 Pet can now obtain skills when level 10 is reached. (Players who already have Level 10 pets will also get new skills)

Update – Bonus EXP Weekend

“Greetings Adventurers,

Due to today’s unscheduled maintenance we are going to give everyone a boost over the weekend! From the time the servers come back up until Monday at 08:00 UTC everyone will benefit from +10% EXP for all Life/Combat/Skill.  If you have not seen the patch notes yet, make sure you check them out >Here<.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we hope you enjoy the boost over the weekend!

-The BDO Team”


Aadkfjaldskfjke I am so excited for the EX boost weekend & Auto looping!!! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 


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